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Gnostics believe that there are two worlds and that the material world is ruled over by the Hebrew God and the other world is ruled over by the ‘supreme’ ruler, Aeon. This dovetails with my belief that the Hebrew god is the devil, inasmuch as that can be understood as the Lord of Appearances. Once one sees through the veil of appearances one no longer has to be subject to them. You create your own world of appearances, via your judgments on the definition and meaning of them. You literally weave your own future out of your expectations and the way you go about realizing them. Behavior is a big thing. It was later on during my speculations on this for the purpose of today’s presentation that I came across this video:

but… of course, nothing happens by accident.

The mind is a movie projector and your feelings about what is valuable and worthy of acquisition AND the level of consciousness that you possess, determines the quality of the film you witness and your role in the movie. I choose to see it all as a dance of the divine, working out every destiny in terms of its best possibilities and potential and as an ongoing getting and losing of temporary shit. Of course, there is always a greater complexity in the outward drive for expression but at the heart of it all is a simple matrix, which rules the atomic solar systems and the external solar systems and one is either harmoniously in accord or one is inharmonious… or some imaginary point in between. What I mean is that what you imagine is what you tell yourself is so. I prefer to believe that I will be told what is so through some form of the vehicle of realization. At the same time, despite all our striving, sometimes we have to play a role. Sometimes we imagine ourselves trapped in a role and we lack the courage and conviction to step out of it. It’s easier, or it seems to be, to be on a wheel. The wheel is predictable and though it ends in death and dissolution, according to the laws of physics and metaphysics, we don’t think about it and Presto! It isn’t there, except it is.

via Visible Origami | Traversing the Mountains and Valleys of Whatthefuckistan.


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