Smoking Mirrors | Love is the Skeleton Key of Existence, don’t put Horns on the Almighty.

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There is a song that runs through my head now and again. Most people probably think of it as a romantic tune. For me it is the embodiment of my love affair with the ineffable and one can get the sense of this in the first two lines of the song. It doesn’t get mentioned again but it sets the tone for my own understanding of it and which leads to “make me do for love what I would not do.”
What most people who claim or feign a love for the almighty seem to have a disconnect about is that the almighty is concealed in every form and can be released as the divine, if love is applied. Love is the skeleton key of existence. When I say love, I mean, Love. Our idea of love and our capacity for it is defined by the quality of our understanding of it. Those who know that the greatest expression is to give yourself away will always find themselves given back. “For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.” “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
I think of the protections of the almighty as being akin to the love of the mother for her children/offspring. If you have ever come across beasts in the wild with their cubs then you know what I mean. I have had the good fortune to see the situation before I got into range. God manifests in a variety of personalities and is adaptable to your preference. Those beloved by the mother are watched out for and Heaven help the one who seeks to injure them. There are karmic costs for every single act that can be performed or imagined. It is no different than a massive department store where every item has a sticker price. The world, after all, is a department store. Most of us simply wander through it. Some of us have credentials to get back into the offices and up in the hanging rafters of the drop ceilings; mind you don’t put your foot through the acoustic tiles!
No one can touch you without permission but… who controls the permissions that have to do with you? Into whose hands have you given over the power? This is what the powers of the transitory are most employed at; making you think your livelihood and survival depend on them. It does not, unless you think it does; thinking makes it so. Everything that manifests in your life experiences, comes out of your mind and whosoever is in command of your mind, commands your circumstances, or… appears to. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind! The twin poles of relative identification of the nature of the indwelling are chosen and employed by the mind which creates the image. Fear puts horns on the almighty. Love displaces that. No force in the universe is greater than Love and the quality of one’s love determines the nature of experience. I’ve learned these things through bitter experience. “I came back to let you know, I got a thing for you and I can’t let go.”
Put yourself under the sheltering wings of the omnipresent spirit, which is also the indwelling spirit. The ineffable is ALWAYS present but we are not always PRESENT. This is why we are told by so many of the more profound teachers that there is no past and no future. There is only now and there will only ever be now and anything that happens will happen NOW. Of course you have heard that time is a river. Life is metaphor. Life is also a dream, until you wake up but… who is it that wakes up? What are you upon awakening? Are you what and who you were when you were dreaming and even when you think you have awakened, might you not still be asleep? We’ve all had those dreams where we thought we woke up, only to find out we were still dreaming.
There is no wonder that is like the wonder of the divine. Having had even a taste of it is enough to ruin your taste for everything else. We will leave you with these thoughts for the moment and the moment only occurs now.


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