Smoking Mirrors | In the Age of Head up the Ass and the Avuncular Sweet Uncles of Prosperity.

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Hmmm… Jim Sinegal is at it again, trying to improve the world. The guy is in his 80’s but he is tireless. What he has done with Costco over the last couple of decades is impressive. I’m not all that much into material things but I appreciate excellence and every effort that has the good of the human race at the core of it.

Then there are the usual suspects, getting away with it at the moment. I’ve been thinking about the Avatar meme, which is supposed to be prominent in these times. More and more it seems to me that the avatar is the sum of its parts and not some individual force as has been the case in earlier times. Way back, civilization was confined to a few locales and all of them interplayed with each other, as was the case when the teachings of The Christ made their way to Rome, or the teachings of the Buddha migrating to China. Then there is the curious projection about Pontius Pilate being born in Scotland and you can find theories that Christ came out of the UK and had some connection to the Arthurian legend. I used to have a TV show in New York and these two fellows would appear on it now and again and with charts and graphs and what all, they would argue about how the whole Christian tradition came out of the UK. They were pretty well armed with all sorts of theories. I used to roll my eyes on occasion. I wasn’t very polite (grin).

via Smoking Mirrors | In the Age of Head up the Ass and the Avuncular Sweet Uncles of Prosperity.


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