Smoking Mirrors | Evil May be Banal but The Good in Us is Extraordinary.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Greetings my dear friends on this auspicious day. All days are auspicious when the ineffable is the centerpiece of your existence. I woke up to a strange new world today. Something is very different but I do not know exactly what that is. It has a lot to do with the way I am experiencing it. The day might be the same as any other but the way I am perceiving it has changed. The ineffable is much closer than before. I have come to believe that if you have spent the larger part of your life in pursuit of and admiration for the ineffable, as an adjunct to the false appearances of the aging process, the ineffable begins to burn away every veil and extraneous distraction. The time will come when your sincerity has been proven because you are still at it and the ineffable knows that you will continue to be at it and that you have come too far to go back. At this point the ineffable becomes more and more pervasive and starts to take over every aspect of your existence. This is a certainty and all you have to do is to persist in your end of the equation. That is all that is required of you and it is vastly accelerated, if you comprehend the meaning of the greatest commandment and employ the greatest commandment as comprehensively as you are able. This tandem, while employing relentless focus and industry, puts the whole process in Turbo mode. This is what you want.

In honor of this being a special day of transition we are going to do a temporary reversal of the usual template and start out with the spiritual and then move to the material, instead of the other way around as is the norm round here. Of course, in my mind it is all spiritual and only appears as the two because we have divided the world in our minds. We want to unify ourselves, not divide ourselves. The agents of darkness have the division agenda as their primary concern. Most of us believe that we have an independent mind; that all of us have an independent mind and after a fashion this is so …but in truth, in the comprehensive sense, there is only one mind and we individualize it. It is as if there is a vast ocean and our individual consciousness is an inlet out of the greater sea. Realized masters exist in the ocean itself as their persona and this is how they come to resonate with one and all.

via Smoking Mirrors | Evil May be Banal but The Good in Us is Extraordinary.


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