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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I felt a cold wind come into my space after I wrote that last posting. I know how quick information can make its way across the world like digital lightning. I tried to do the right thing and I nearly always get myself into trouble this way. It’s that Quixote thing. I deeply feel the troubles of another soul in crisis. I have been in trouble. As I said in the posting, “there but for fortune goes you and I.” I myself have been slandered with no evidence to support it, or where the evidence was presented as something it was not, or completely fabricated. I’ve been around bad companions and I have misbehaved on purpose for the purpose of demonstration. I have never been in the kind of place Zen Gardner has been in but I can sympathize.

More important than what I just said and more important than what I said earlier… we don’t know any specific details about Zen. We know he was engaged with these people but we don’t know anything more… yet. For myself, until I do know, I will reserve my opinion and regardless, in the aftermath, I chose compassion above all other things. I am fair amazed that I find myself feeling what I am feeling these days. I always liked Zen Gardner. He said the right things in the right way, or I thought so. In more recent times he seemed to have gone insane and all of us get a touch of that now and again. I still can’t figure out why he got behind the Flat Earth nonsense. However, that makes me think there are things going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I have been getting approached in social situations where I am probed to see if I swing this way or that way. People show up in locations where I wouldn’t expect to see this occur and yet it does. It seems to me that there is a concerted effort to seduce anyone and everyone into a state of false identification through some weakness or the fence being down in the surround sound of one’s character. Those who seek to destroy us have some powerful weapons and if you are not sufficiently armored, you will be a victim. What is that line in The Bible? “Put on the whole armor of God.”

via Visible Origami | Something Along the Lines of a Continuing Theme.


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