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It’s an interesting curiosity; the many differences between the East and the West. In the West, the cow is seen as the source of dairy products, steaks and burgers. There is nothing divine about the cow in the West. It is just a commodity and an ill treated one at that. Whatever happens to a cow is for the profit of those employed at bringing the product and parts of the cow to market. The conditions in which a cow is forced to live and the treatment of them is nothing short of reprehensible. The slaughterhouse abattoirs are something out of a nightmare. Beef is big business and the men at the top have big influence in government so that now when someone tries to expose what goes on behind closed doors, it is a felony to attempt to secretly record these things. These things have been going on for a long time. Upton Sinclair wrote a powerful book about all of these doings called. “The Jungle.” That was awhile ago. It’s not just the cows. It’s bad for all livestock in the corporate zone. This is not about the other animals at the moment. It’s about the cows. If it weren’t for government supports, a hamburger would cost well over a hundred dollars.

In the East, in India, there is a whole other attitude and to the culturally conditioned westerner some of the practices and beliefs of the Indians are considered bizarre, if not insane. Western medicine kills more people than it cures. That is an established if unpublicized and much denied reality. In India they have an ancient system of healing called Ayur Veda. It is pretty impressive in its way and addresses causal concerns rather than symptomatic issues. Of course they have symptom cures as well …but that is not the essence of the science. Western allopathic medicine is largely symptomatic and very much a captive of the massively profitable AMA-Pharmaceutical Complex, where the West is being poisoned and its youths’ brains turned to mush. What will be the result of this? It is hard to say. The destiny of a given time is one thing and the inspired efforts of a handful quite another. The most important feature is the degree of power expressed through that handful who have found it possible to get out of the way. The world has always been positively transformed by a minority of souls, working for the spiritual education and edification of the majority. Lately what we see the most of is that minority that is working to the detriment of all. There are reasons for the appearance of this.

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