The Global Health Coalition: Declaration on HPV Vaccine Safety

The Chicago Declaration: HPV Vaccine Safety

On May 27, 2016, representatives from several nations convened in Chicago, Illinois, USA, for the first international symposium on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine safety. These representatives observed an alarming pattern of harm[1] after HPV vaccine administration in every nation where they have been distributed. We observed glaring evidence of conflicts of interest among government regulators and improper collusion between government regulators and the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry in every nation where HPV vaccines have been used. The global pattern manifests in the suppression of information implicating HPV vaccinations of potential harm, including suppression of efforts by medical researchers to investigate adverse events.

The global denial of harm and subsequent pattern of regulatory failures have obstructed efforts to properly diagnose and treat the injured, exponentially increasing the harm to children and adults.

These situations are exacerbated because vaccines are the only medical products which currently:

Do not have to prove effectiveness as a condition of market approval.
Are tested for safety, not against an inert saline placebo, but against other vaccines, or vaccine adjuvants making it impossible to accurately assess safety.
Vaccine manufacturers in many countries enjoy protection from liability, even for design or manufacturing defects.

Consequently, the international events outlined above require a global response from all who are concerned about HPV vaccine safety.

via The Global Health Coalition: Declaration on HPV Vaccine Safety


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