Reflections in a Petri Dish | Death Star Shit Magnets and Drooling Drama Queens.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

You know when you see something like this that it becomes clear that they actually are trying to kill us, if we are stupid enough to drink their Evil Ice Queen Death Potions. It also becomes clear that Monsanto really is My Satan; not actually ‘my Satan’ but Satanic fer sure.

The Crass Media says that Death Star Shit Magnet, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls by a few points but… when you go to right wing alternative news sites like What Really Happens in Our Heads, you find that Trump is ahead by a few points. Meanwhile, based on the drooling drama queen imprecations of the same Hillary, Russia is hacking the election machines and trying to control the election outcome this November. The thing is, we have plenty of cabals trying to hack the election right here in the good old USA and they have been at it for decades. They kill without conscience. They steal with impunity. They exercise every evil possibility and their only imperative is that somebody must get hurt.

I am daily stunned at the way the planet lumbers and careens like a drunken clown, through its erratic course of rotation and never seems to run into anything and keeps coming back for more of whatever it had last time; probably a cocktail of Winner’s Cup Vodka (five dollars a fifth) with a Drano chaser. Or it might be some kind of a Boilermaker where you drop a shot of Clorox into a can of Pabst ‘no ribbon’ beer. Every day I get up and ask myself, “Is this the day when the world flies off of its invisible hinges?” “Is this the day that puts paid to every other day in this long time, free range, stupid chicken dance, where the music sounds like the gear shift on a blown manual transmission?” Reverse has been gone for some time. We’ll see…

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Death Star Shit Magnets and Drooling Drama Queens.


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