Hillary Dragged Into Van After Fainting: Can Bernie or Biden Replace Her? Yes

The Democratic nominee dogged by rumors of her deteriorating health after footage emerged of her coughing and gasping for air for nearly five minutes and suffering what seems like a seizure had another ‘medical episode’ on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton nearly collapsed on Sunday morning abruptly being swept away from a Ground Zero ceremony to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11 with a half dozen staffers holding her up to prevent her from slamming head first into the pavement as she was dragged into a black van.

The video, posted on Twitter, shows the former Secretary of State wobbling back and forth almost uncontrollably reminiscent of the notorious seizure footage in which Hillary Clinton suffered uncontrolled spasms for 30 seconds in front of a pool of press reporters, leading to a horrified look on one AP journalist’s face, before regaining her wits and being shuffled off by staffers – an incident that has gone viral, but went unreported at the time.

Failing to stay on two feet at the 9/11 memorial service will be hard for the Clinton campaign to downplay coming at a time when Democrats are already clamoring for Bernie Sanders to come back into the fold after Hillary’s statements to wealthy donors discarding millions of Americans as “irredeemable” and what she calls a “basket of deplorables” highlighting what her opponents say is her elitist views.

via Hillary Dragged Into Van After Fainting: Can Bernie or Biden Replace Her? Yes


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