Media Blackout: New Poll Oversamples Democrats by 140% Masking Trump Surge

The Latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll shows that Hillary maintains a five point lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump, but the demographic mix of the poll is raising alarms that the results may be cooked in Clinton’s favor.

The campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton celebrated Sunday morning’s news that a major national poll showed her campaign rebuilding a five point lead against the truculent tycoon and reality television star Donald Trump after a week of attacking the Republican nominee for alleged infatuation with Vladimir Putin, Russia and the Kremlin following his appearance on Larry King’s show that is broadcasted on RT among several other international outlets.

Hillary Dragged Into Van After Fainting: Can Bernie or Biden Replace Her?

The Washington Post, the primary trafficker in Trump-Putin conspiracy theories with a dozen new articles on the topic this weekend asserting the Republican nominee has subverted the Party of Reagan turning it into some sort of treasonous kleptocratic political force, commissioned the poll along with ABC News raising immediate alarm bells as to the neutrality of the findings.

A thorough analysis of the poll which found Trump trailing Clinton 46% to 41% among likely voters and 45% to 35% among all registered voters seems to confirm the suspicion that a particular result was produced by design with the ‘news’ outlet even ghost editing out a link of the poll’s full demographic cross tabs after a number of readers examined the findings with more scrutiny.

The full poll’s 23rd page shows a startling irregularity in party affiliation among those selected for the poll with 34% of the respondents identifying as Democrats, 24% identifying as Republican, 33% as Independent, 5% as other, and 3% declining to say.
Sevastopol celebrates Russian Navy Day
© Sputnik/ Vasiliy Batanov
China, Russia to Begin Massive Eight Day Naval War Games in South China Sea

Yet the most recent data on party affiliation shows that 26% of American voters identify as Republicans, 29% as Democrats, and a haltingly high 42% identify as Independents calling into question the veracity of the party affiliation mix of the poll in a way that undercuts Trump’s dominance among both Republicans and Independents – both of which appear heavily undercounted.

Nor do Democrats tend to vote at higher rates than Republicans, in fact the inverse is true. Older white men tend to make up a larger portion of the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, but even though this cohort’s portion of the overall population is diminishing it is also the group with the highest voter participation rate which highlights just how curious the demographic calculation is.

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