Visible Origami | Diapered up for The Apocalypse on a Moonless Night.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I like where I live. I wish it were a little larger and had an actual yard but I’m not complaining. I thought I would help my friends find a new place to live but I learned something; don’t go looking for something other than what you have… let the divine take care of that. Put in a request and… if it meets with the divine will on your behalf, it will happen. Don’t push the river. I feel profoundly changed. For the first time in my life, I understand certain fundamental life truths; ‘as they apply to me’. I cannot and will not speak for others but… I feel freer than I can remember being and all my life I have been told, “everything is under control” and “rely on me”. I wish I had gotten this sooner, viscerally, but I get it now and I don’t have to concern myself with anything… anymore. It will be taken care of. My only concern should be to remember the almighty as often as I can and to see the almighty in everyone else; good or evil, it is up to me which aspect I bring out in anyone.

If the ineffable wants me somewhere, the ineffable will put me there. It is not my place to concern myself with how the ineffable achieves this. Details should not be my area of interest; vision and attentiveness are what I should be concerned with. Sometimes all it takes is for one to be able to recognize what is and is not germane to their area of industry. I feel like that has taken place.

via Visible Origami | Diapered up for The Apocalypse on a Moonless Night.


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