Smoking Mirrors

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Chances are better than not that Trump might win this election. Of course, with the Soros voting machines and the collective hatred of the privileged toward those being ground to dust beneath their hobnailed boots, it’s a no brainer that the election will be hijacked no matter what. The biggest enemy of humanities liberation from the cesspools of manufactured darkness has been human ignorance. For whatever the reason, in this apocalypse, people are waking up and becoming angry. They are seeing Clinton for the international mass murderer and criminal that she is. It turns out to be less a vote for Trump than it is a vote against Hillary.

The key evidence to support this particular argument is that few people are showing up for Hillary rallies and speeches and large crowds are attending Trumps. The degree of anti-Trump bias in the media is beyond anything previously seen and the polls, as we know, are bullshit. I haven’t spoken to a single person here, on our aborted trip, or anywhere that was not for Trump and… I have spoken to a lot of people. It’s pretty good crowd sampling as it covers several states and pedestrian locations in those states.

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