What does it take to bring Hillary Clinton to justice? | The Vineyard of the Saker

Comment by RayB

Re: The US Presidential Elections , What is at stake and ’What is to be done’?

Reality dictates …abstaining or voting for anyone other than Donald Trump is in effect a de facto vote for Hillary Clinton.

As President of the United States and military Commander in Chief, she has declared her intentions of imposing a (Libyan style) “NO FLY” zone over Syria in support of her proxy terrorist there, to “OBLITERATE” “Iran” and “Russia”, confront China and continue to expand the globalization of the American economy and the rest of the world.

Thus the American electorate, either by default or by their own actions will have given Hillary a ‘democratically’ sanctioned mandate to do her will and thereby have become complicit in their own economic destruction, systemic political corruption, international war crimes and potentially the starting of world war three, possibly resulting in a planetary thermonuclear holocaust.

Striped of all other frivolous distractions, relatively insignificant and irrelevant none issue nonsense, the critically crucial choice that the American public are faced with making today on behalf of the entire world, is that simple. And one that will for all of eternity weigh on the collective souls of all mankind’s conscience.

So for the sake of the justice, peace and the survival of all humanity, criminally indictable and certifiably clinically insane warmonger Hillary Clinton must be stopped and voted OUT on Nov.8 2016

Whether or not you personally happen to like Trump is a totally irreverent matter under the given circumstances. And I challenge anyone here to offer up any other viable options and a realistic alternative, other than to vote Trump IN. Before it’s to late, and a totally corrupted Hillary Clinton dynasty destroys us all in her pathologically driven maniacal quest for more money and the attainment of absolute power and control.

As POTUS Hillary will hold the entire world at ransom with her trigger happy finger on the ‘ US doctrinal first strike policy’ red nuclear launch box button.

Hence, the issue here is as serious as it gets and the electoral decision to be made by Americans in the coming days is not only one of the most important of this century, but potentially one made in the
entire history of world affairs.

Can what’s actually at stake here be any clearer?

via What does it take to bring Hillary Clinton to justice? | The Vineyard of the Saker


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