Smoking Mirrors | Coming in on a Wing- Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer.

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It’s Saturday, late afternoon and Tuesday is two days away, if you don’t count the rest of today or Tuesday because it would then be Tuesday and not away anymore. Then again, it will take all day Tuesday for whatever the nonsense is to complete itself and possibly into the next day as well.

One thing that this election has done and which hasn’t come to the attention of many people is that it has woken the public up. The public has been able to see first hand the level of media bias and the cynically suckupping celebrities. It has been able to see the intensity of the lies in all those political commercials; like the one that said Trump was walking in on naked beauty contestants, some of whom were only 15 years old. That one amused me. I have never seen the degree of vituperation that has been taking place. I have never seen the media so clearly expose itself for what it is. It did it in such a way and to such a degree that even the wet brain American public was able to see it.

Mr Apocalypse is like an expensive watch; a multiplicity of gears turning and each gear is a kind of plot construct and it seems impossible to tell which of them are turning all of the others. You might term it a wheels within wheels kind of thing, or a number of those acts of misdirection from a great magician. All the while a variety of events seem to be taking place but what is happening is that something else, entirely different, is being woven out of them. All the while, as the psychopaths and opportunists are having their way, their every machinations is being recorded for posterity and their every act is being choreographed to a specific end.

via Smoking Mirrors | Coming in on a Wing- Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer.


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