Visible Origami | In Consideration of the Supreme Importance of Love.

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Welcome to Origami my dear friends. This is the number 779 posting at this blog. I don’t know what that means but it’s a lot of posts. We hope that some of them will have been of value to you.

We like to talk about Love a great deal here. We spent decades studying in the Hermetic and Occult Sciences where abstruse concepts and complex schematics are the general nature of the various systems that exist in these areas of inquiry. I used to have some facility with them. I could talk about them in a knowledgeable way. Whether I actually had any real and useful knowledge is another thing. At least I could talk about these subjects as if I knew what I was talking about.

Time went by and it became more and more apparent to me that knowing a great deal about certain subjects did not necessarily convey a power of operation in them. I studied palmistry for some time. I knew what all the lines and mounts, digits and bracelets and sundry meant. I knew which hand meant whatever it meant in relation to the other hand but… what I did not have was the single most important element. I did not have the intuitive feed. I studied the Tarot and esoteric astrology and various systems of mind control that hearkened back to earlier times. I studied a lot of things because I had a real thirst for arcane information but I lacked the intuitive feel in all of them except esoteric astrology and in the matter of the Tarot I did have some amount of facility in the areas where fortune telling was not a consideration. I always felt that using the Tarot for fortune telling was unfortunate behavior. Not only did it make you dependent on a method that, except in very rare circumstances, proved to be both deceptive and inefficient but… why seek to read the future when you could change the future?

via Visible Origami | In Consideration of the Supreme Importance of Love.


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