Visible Origami | Conspiracies of the Mind and Conspiracies of the Heart.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Life keeps toodlin along. You think it’s going to go that way and it goes this way. You think this will happen and it doesn’t, no… that happens. According to many diverse and uninformed sources, the world should already be gone and us with it… rapture should have come and gone… Armageddon should now just be some smoldering wreckage, amusement park. All those coffins by the side of the road in; was it Georgia? They should all be filled by now. This person says the conspiracy angle is bunk.

The Georgia Guide Stones are gone. I’ve no idea if that link will clear anything up for you. I didn’t even read it (grin). I just scanned the first part to see if it had enough generic information for whomever comes here and doesn’t know what they are and where the Hell is Niburu? I’m guessing Niburu is traveling here along the cosmic version of snail mail; possibly on the back of a massive snail with electro-magnetic capacity but real slow regardless.

By now, according to many who have been serving us rumor and speculation for decades, World War Three should have already come and gone. Benjamin Fulford has been threatening the arrival of the Yakuza and multicolored ninjas, who are going to kick international banker ass or someone’s ass. Alex Jones showed up with some guy the other day to tell us how Assange was going to release devastating Hillary Clinton info on ELECTION DAY! What possible good would that have done? I didn’t see anything much but it gave Alex ‘the 24 carat fraud’ Jones a chance to mention that the Saudis did 9/11 again. He sounds like a croaking toad these days and yet people will still defend him to me.

via Visible Origami | Conspiracies of the Mind and Conspiracies of the Heart.


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