Visible Origami | Make it Real or be Automatically Rendered False.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I was wondering what my job is. My job is not the corruption of the world. That is god’s job. I am not concerned with whether Trump is corrupt. Of course he is. I’m very glad that Hillary did not get elected because that might have meant chaos down on the ground that I walk upon in an immediate fashion, in tandem with a hyper drive of strange sex lawmaking. With Trump there is some breathing space. God will handle all those details. My job is to handle me. I am doubly glad that the ridiculous sexual perversity political, money and power grabbing, putsch is going to come to a screaming halt.

(Fast Forward to the final paragraph (ed.))
I hate to harp on certain issues but they are the most seriously critical issues that exist in life and they can all be reduced to one issue. What do you value? “Where your heart is, there are your treasures also.” It you take nothing else away from the day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year exercises that take place here… take that with you. It could well be all you ever need and that brings us back to the primary effort that should be the most overpowering drive in us; self inquiry. It is through self inquiry that we discover what it is that we value. It is not enough to say that you believe something to be true because it sounds like the high road answer to the low road options we find all around us. You have to know why you believe something and you have to know that what you say you value is what you really value, otherwise it’s just words like all the rest of the farts in a windstorm that surround us. When the greater tests come, your greatest defense is the degree of truth in what you rely on like the house built on sand; ‘how firm a foundation?’ Make it something real or you will be rendered false when you come up against what is real.

via Visible Origami | Make it Real or be Automatically Rendered False.


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