Reflections in a Petri Dish | A Temporary Hiatus from the Usual Petri Dish.

I want the reader to know that I have proven certain things to be true in my life and so have others across the centuries. I have not demonstrated this in any way to the extent that many others have but I have demonstrated it enough to convince myself and this is what we must all do. We must convince ourselves because that is who generates all the doubt that there may be in our life. Fear comes out of doubt and fear is the Love killer and without Love one cannot interact with the ineffable who is Love entire in all of its inexplicable components. Love is the womb of all the qualities of God. Love is the birth canal of Wisdom and Understating. Love is the shining and single diadem in the crown of the divine. Love is the ever expanding, indefinable and interpenetrating particles of light that exist between every other particle that is manifest and unmanifest. Love is what splits itself into countless expressions of itself, for the purpose of experiencing itself and in the never ending pursuit of itself, can only be known in the unity of all and which gathers together every one of these expressions for the celebration of that unity.

Love is not only what exists between every particle of existence and which transmits the resonance between all of them but is also the light within every particle and without which there would be no life in any of them. You cannot prove any of this to yourself unless you give yourself away for the express purpose of seeing if the ineffable will give yourself back. You can’t prove omniscience of the ineffable and the benevolence of the ineffable, unless you put your visible and invisible being completely in the hands of the ineffable, with no regard for your well being or safety. Unless you do, the ineffable cannot prove it to you. I am telling you it works and that is why I have not pursued material security and that is why I have not relied on any personally constructed safety net because the ineffable is my safety net.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | A Temporary Hiatus from the Usual Petri Dish.

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