Visible Origami | The Beautiful Singularity of the Eternal Ineffable.

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The art of life is mastered in the simplicity of one’s approach. The greater the complexity, the greater the degree of difficulty and this… this is all self created and matches up and synchronizes with the force of the ego of the individual who defines the deeper secrets of existence, according to their opportunities to posture in front of their fellows in back and forth intellectual tap dances, devoid of meaning and consequence. Real spirituality is not something that is acquired by engaging in some white wine and soft cheese soliloquies in the groves of academe. The level of one’s authentic spirituality can be measured… according to the lengths one will go to possess it and be possessed by it and whatever sacrifices are necessary in the process.

One improves spirituality to the degree that they are capable of engaging in the process of the false self being diminished. They can be recognized as whomever is not being heard amidst the clamor of bush league philosophers drowning each other out. Hopefully no CPR gets applied in the aftermath. Gasp!

I have not encountered or read about a single spiritual teacher who could be considered real by any legitimate form of measurement that was not as humble as dirt. That is my own personal yardstick. I am looking for those so overwhelmed by the love of the ineffable that the only portion of personal self left is that which is retained for the purpose of experiencing it.

via Visible Origami | The Beautiful Singularity of the Eternal Ineffable.

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