Smoking Mirrors | The Rhapsodic and Eternal Resonance of the Poetry of the Soul.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I heard a fellow (can’t remember where now) yesterday saying that we only have less than ten years as a species/invasive feces left to survive in. He wasn’t very specific, people like this never are and he was affirmatively negative (can I say that?) the whole way through. The person interviewing him was just short of laughing in his face through the whole affair (not to say such an outcome is not possible). The guy came across to me as having Dim Sum for brains but he was definitely committed, in lieu of needing to be committed.

I bring up the preceding as an example of what I am hearing all over the place these days, in tandem with the doom and gloom, runaway paranoia, ‘woe is us’ orchestra that is doing its variation of a duet of the William Tell Overture and Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music for Orchestra in C minor, played backwards, in which you can hear John Wayne Gacy talking about his forthcoming memoir of summer rendezvous’s with the Boy’s Club of America. The present working title (subject to change) is “The Horizontal Boys of Summer.”

I’ve spent a not inconsiderable period of time in this life, reflecting on how people come up with whatever perspectives they may be possessed of at any particular point in time. Over the last couple of decades, since I have been on the internet, or wired, as it were; well… I’ve been wired much longer than than that; now that I think about it… I’ve (as I already said) spent a lot of of time watching what people say and do, in the context of their given subject of inexpertise and I have found them… upon further reflection, in hindsight, to be mostly wrong across the waterboard.

via Smoking Mirrors | The Rhapsodic and Eternal Resonance of the Poetry of the Soul.

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