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The Christmas season is here and Christmas itself approaches. Every year, I notice a particular phenomena. I especially notice it because I don’t have it. What I notice is what happens to people when Christmas comes around. They get frantic. Whatever joy might be gleaned is lost to them. They drink too much. They just want it to be over. Someone I was with not that long ago had this ‘problem’. It seemed to have been generated in childhood.

So many people have bad experiences from their childhood or situations that came about through the tension that this holiday generates. I had one of the worst childhoods I know about. I had an adult ulcer when I was 12. I had to go through a lot of tests before the doctors discovered it. When they did they found it hard to believe. They had never seen that before. Later my father said that I was faking and I was in a conspiracy with the doctors. I can’t remember most of it, probably because I don’t think about it. The ineffable is responsible for that. He told me that I should put my attention only upon the moment I am in. I believe that most of us would be remarkably surprised at what a powerful reality this is.

via Visible Origami | Travels with the Ineffable.

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