Some Thoughts on Christmas 2016. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet

Dog Poet Transmitting…….


Tis the season and the moment. It’s nasty and wet out at this time (Christmas Eve) and we are thinking of those who are out in it as many are. Some are there professionally and some are there through misfortune and afflicted Karma. This physical world and spiritual world! How it turns for and against us under the force of unseen hands. Today (Christmas Day) is sunny and bright!

My thoughts turn to The Congo, where terrorized residents toil through all the hours of the daylight, Armed with Stone Age implements, they extract the rare metals for cellphones and computers, so that I can stand on the deck here in the summer and watch astoundingly clueless teenage girls, ride by on their bicycles, thumb-humping their cellphones, indifferent to the traffic and their own safety; self importance, contending with vanity, burning in selfish immolation, hair-flipping their locks like some half seal, half snake dancing hybrid from the Bahamian Banking Island of a latter day, Dr. Moreau.

Millions of Chinese workers in plague masks, march through the poisoned clouds that mass and coil in Beijing, as, around the world, hordes of deranged Walmart shoppers, waddle down the aisles in search of plastic epiphanies; Jesus sure be loving you, while he’s riding on the dashboard of yer car.

via Some Thoughts on Christmas 2016. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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