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Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It’s on the news everywhere about Putin hacking the election. If the election is hacked it can only be hacked inside as it is not connected to the internet. Then we find that their argument is that Russia was really hacking into temperament and trends which, every nation does. There was no mention of George Soros- Little Georgie Sorrows and his electronic voting machines (the comments are interesting).

Now they have shot the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. Putin says it was done by the secret services of a NATO country. This is what Obama meant about payback for the alleged hacking?

There is an anti-Russian and anti-Chinese hysteria being generated by departing psychopath, Obama and his mysterious handlers. He intends to shit the bed, prior to leaving and there are a number of sinister plans at work; seeking to influence the electoral college when it votes on the 19th. I imagine there is some sort of martial law considerations and all sorts of malefic ideas being drummed out on the table, where the boys in the backroom sit. However, everything is under control …and the ineffable will have his way with all of us. The more you love the ineffable (treat him like your best friend) the more his love will be allowed to be effective for you. We all have the freedom to see the ineffable as we choose to; Mother, Father, Lover, Friend. Friend works best for me and gives me the latitude to see the ineffable in all of you.

Let me tell you what won the election for Trump. He said all the right things on Veterans care, restoring the infrastructure, tax reform and thank god! Restoring the manufacturing base. But I think there was one prevailing feature that impacted more deeply in the hearts and minds of the public and which never came up as an issue. I believe it concerned the transsexual bathroom push. I think the whole splintered gender identity thing started to look like a runaway train and the people felt they were tied to the railroad tracks, ♫and then along came Jones♫ You can only stretch the rubber band so far until it snaps back. Basic human decency is the issue. It’s really out of control in the UK, where the Satanists are raping childhood’s sexual identity and every tricycle it rode in on. Children shouldn’t have to think about these concerns. Prior to puberty there is a sacred duty of protection. As the good books states; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

via Wheels Within Wheels Within Holographic Chinese Boxes – Les Visible – The Dog Poet

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