The Lost Week Between Them and Arrivederci Pancho – Les Visible – The Dog Poet

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

We are ‘now’ in the day(s) of the birth of the light. This means that every 24 hours, we will have around one minute more of daylight each day, until its opposite number arrives and we get one less minute each day, until we wind up where we are, at this moment, again. There’s a lot to be said and thought about that; ways in which meaning can be derived that will impact directly on our lives, no matter how subtle it may seem at first consideration. Light is like water, it leaks into and through the cracks. One could make the same argument for darkness. One could say that relative good and evil bring their own atmosphere, to live in the alterations made in our makeup, by our life experiences and how we reacted to them.

We are the sum total of everything we went through and what we defined it all as. This means that the very same experiences might have and do result in entirely different individuals coming into being. It is all due to what we tell ourselves it is. We have convinced ourselves of something and it became true for us (relatively) and… that is all it is, until our life experiences and the meaning we give them changes. Ah life… more light… less light. It comes and goes. We come and go. In between times, we act like it all makes sense and we ride the waves or get pounded by them. Apparently it doesn’t matter how good you are at anything to begin with. You had to get thrown and tumbled and roiled through the white water in order to get there. If you finally became really good at anything, you had to push the limits of the possibilities of experience placed upon you by your fears. It is one thing to overcome fear through its displacement by love, it is quite another to walk right up on it and with nothing but your confidence, go through everything necessary to master that particular physical force, which is so much greater than your own. You Tube is filled with the records of spectacular and painful failure, on the way to some level of competence or… not. You Tube is filled with examples of that as well.

via The Lost Week Between Them and Arrivederci Pancho – Les Visible – The Dog Poet

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