Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Well… it is the New Year and the dead zone continues; meaning that somber aftermath, while the holidays put their tinsel and false hopes aside and the gray atmosphere; fifty days of gray? Goes on apace. It’s not me. I’m in a good mood, I just happen to notice what goes on around me. Everyone here is in a good mood but step outside! & Uh huh… there really is a downside, once the disappointment of the material expectations do what they always do and that is to leave you on the outside looking in when you should have been on the inside all along. This is what occurs. Materialism sucks you outside yourself and then forces you to look back in on what you lost as a result. Am I making sense? Only if you know that real love only manifests from the place where true love is always resident in the place it originates from.

Yes… I am just filling space momentarily. The truth of this matter or any matter, or matter in general is that only LOVE will take you where you really want to go and only LOVE will maintain you where you are.

I don’t know where you will go with this from here, or what you brought with you or will take away from this but … the one thing that I know among all the things I do not know is that LOVE rules the universe and every star contained within it. You may search and search (but you still can’t find) through every populated and abandoned sector in all of the places found and yet to find but… only LOVE is real. Everything else is a distraction or a cul de sac. Everything but LOVE is a lie.

I ask you dear reader to consider one piece of information from me and put it at the top of everything I have ever said, at any time ever… Love is the supreme expression of the supreme. It is not only the originator source of all our heartbreak and disappointment but the lack of it it is the source tragedy of every mistake we have ever made.

via On the Verge of an Approaching Epiphany. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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