Pulled by Dark Horses through the Doldrums of the Year.

by Les Visible

There is a time of calendar doldrums, like the ocean doldrums where horses once pulled boats, swimming in the horse latitudes. Did that ever happen? I think that is why they call it the ‘horse latitudes’ and I don’t think there would horse latitudes without the doldrums. Following the year end holidays, there comes that dark of the year that is January and February, which actually turns out to be the longest month of all, when measured according to how its passing feels. The highest interest points we have during this doldric, doldrumic? (doldrimic?) (visibilism alert) period, are two in number; Trump is soon to be President of the United States …and… what is suiting up to and has already shown to be, probably the best NFL season of all time. I won’t be going into the latter. Those who have an interest in this area have an idea of what I am talking about and for those who do not have an interest, it would take a whole lot of words and pages to provoke an interest that, if it isn’t already provoked, isn’t likely to be…

As has been mentioned here, more than once, the author is a trend observer. You might compare this to paying attention while you are driving in traffic. This is something I recommend to everyone; given how cellphones and event horizon tech are impacting on our driving. One needs to maintain their focus. It is amazing how people will kill themselves, or others, over a goat like, urgent piss need of text frequency force they seem incapable of controlling. You can’t see clearly if you are being driven. Everything changes when you are driving and especially so when you recognize the cosmic driver, instead of Chaos and Disorder, which are very present in the present mix.

via Pulled by Dark Horses through the Doldrums of the Year. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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