Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Oh… I could tell some tales, were I of a mind to. I’m not inclined to lie. I am a poet though, so I do embellish a bit here and there. I guess you need to know that going in… and out. Can I help you out? Sure! Which way did you come in? Life can be deadly and worse than that due to the cost of time passing and resources you are losing. It happens to entire countries. It can certainly happen in a relationship between you and someone else.

Aye… there is the thing… are you fortunate in your possessions? Do you have nothing? Are you somewhere in between? You love someone. What are they worth? Really? Really. Are they true? Are they a scoundrel? Are they on a mission of some kind? Meaning… are they driven and do you like where they are driving? Are they driving you or are you a sluggish, hard to move individual. Complexities? Welcome to the game board of life.

There are two critical features at work always (unless you are alone ((you are never alone))); you have to get along with other people and you have to get along with yourself. This is stated in terms of creating harmony, if harmony is what you are after. There are other options and I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves what they are after. I will guarantee that you will find what you seek. I guarantee that what you put out will come back on you, or were you sleeping in science class? Math?

It’s good to know your limits too. I am not gifted for things like chemistry. Imagine the trouble I could have gotten into. What I am trying to say is that for most of us, more of our lives is in our hands than we think it is. We can choose how it will be and I choose harmony. It can be difficult making the personal adjustments that are necessary to achieve this and one must be careful when it come to compromise, deals and arrangements. But you are in love.

via Looking for God in All the Wrong Places. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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