God Dreamers and a Sleepy Hollow Filled with Light

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

This was the first blog. Maybe it should have stayed the only blog. It gave me the opportunity to talk about the ineffable and there has been no greater honor or pleasure in my whole life that can equal that. Of course, any of us can talk about the divine whenever we like and there are some that are like the lips of a petrified tree when it comes to putting one off the subject of God altogether. You have to think, on those occasions, that if this is what God gets you then I don’t want any of it (grin).

Today I was thinking about what an incredible honor it is to be motivated to talk about the almighty. It doesn’t matter what I have suffered in this life, caught in the steel trap jaws of fate, between ignominy and slander; all of it designed to see if I was up to the task… pressed again and again like grapes under the relentless feet of an unknown vintner. It’s been an incredible honor. You don’t even notice the cost. That the majesty of the sun can shine out from within the heart, as a constant remembrance of what was forgotten so long ago; as is the case with all of us, well… probably not a bad thing upon reflection. We forget and that is why memory is one of the most significant features in existence. It really has nothing to do with discovery. It is all about remembering.

I was sitting out on the porch today. It was in the mid sixties and the sun was shining in all its inimitable grandeur. It was/is a glorious day. I was feeding the squirrels and of course the birds had their squirrel proof feeder. I love feeding my little friends. I still think about my homeless dogs in India. I wonder about them sometimes; who is feeding them now?

via God Dreamers and a Sleepy Hollow Filled with Light – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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