That Woven Spiritual Steel that is Forged in the Crucible of Trial.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Lately I have been feeling the weight of the world around me. Because I go to many news sites, I, like anyone, absorb some amount of it and since most of the news that we encounter are fabricated lies, the intention of the news we encounter is to bring us down, depress us and generally make us unhappy, even though it might have nothing to do with us. If Trump was serious about wanting to succeed at what he is doing, there is one thing he has to do and which is more important than anything else. He has to break up the stranglehold of the Zionist Mafia on the media. Six of their companies own almost all of the information sites. Until he does this he is in no position to succeed at anything. The people who own these media conglomerates are Satanists. There is no better definition for what they are than that. They are cold blooded psychopaths who are engaged in enslaving and destroying humanity. They ARE the enemy, insofar as the enemy has manifest personas that carry out his nasty intents. Certainly all of the ills that plague us collectively are expressions of the Prince of Darkness, being channeled through formerly (if ever) human entities.

We have said over and over here that the primary defense that is in our power is to stand guard at the gateway of the mind. If I let certain things into my head, that’s my fault but it is also my job to do this to some extent because I report on it. I analyze it and I seek to defuse its impact on the minds of those who come here, or to spin alternative possibilities, other than what is being forced upon us at every turn. Like any of you, I am learning as I go.

Like many of you, I forget the important things over and over. Memory is incredibly and profoundly important. So is spiritual discipline. If you don’t meditate each day before you set out on your day, you enter into it at a distinct disadvantage. In meditation we can remind ourselves of what is important and we can recommit ourselves, over and over again to what our purpose is. And what is that? This is for each individual to determine for themselves. Although it might be the same thing in most instances, we will identify and define it differently. We’re all different after all, regardless of however similar we might be in primary essence.

via That Woven Spiritual Steel that is Forged in the Crucible of Trial. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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