Former Stanford Provost Gives Most Powerful Denunciation Yet Of ‘Intolerant’ Campus ‘Echo Chambers’ By Rob Shimshock

In a recent talk to Stanford’s Board of Trustees, a former provost blasted liberal intolerance for free speech.

“Over the years, I have watched a growing intolerance at universities in this country,” said John Etchemendy, former Stanford provost. “Not intolerance along racial or ethnic or gender lines – there, we have made laudable progress. Rather, a kind of intellectual intolerance, a political one-sidedness, that is the antithesis of what universities should stand for.”

Etchemendy proceeded to describe ideological echo chambers, no-platforming of “offensive” speakers and groups, as well as the demands for colleges to take partisan positions, all issues he believes have plagued modern academia.

“We decry certain news outlets as echo chambers, while we fail to notice the echo chamber we’ve built around ourselves,” insisted the former provost. “This results in a kind of intellectual blindness that will, in the long run, be more damaging to universities than cuts in federal funding or ill-conceived constraints on immigration.”

via Former Stanford Provost Slams Liberal Intolerance | The Daily Caller

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