Chicago Style Pizza-Gate Reverse Kundalini, Houdini.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

We know that Obama is a nasty piece of work who is taking it from behind through the pederastic rear end action of Hellfire George Soros; Little Georgie Soros. Everything coming from that side of the action is part of the Rothschild backdoor initiative. Roger that! Whether it is Chicago-Style Pizza-Gate antics or arranging, through socio-sexual change, the Reverse Kundalini, demonic polarity of negative anal dissonance, the end result is the same thing and you are still bent over on the receiving end; Play it again Samantha in waltz meter Tranny Time, Nickelodeon programming, it’s all coming out of the Rothschild… give Satan a seat at the dinner table, soap opera.

That Mr. Apocalypse is on the set is beyond dispute; that the players on the main stage know him to be corporate and active is another thing. Some of them see it as a series of green numbers and symbols falling like colorful rain down the Matrix screen. Some of them see it through the telephoto, psychopath lens, as a progression of metaphorical, tin duck, meat puppets, in and out and back and forth like a literal dance ensemble, looking for all the world like members in mutual, twisted agony… maybe a frozen bas relief of rictus screams; three act play by Dante, performed on the walls of Plato’s Cave.

What it really comes down to is whether you believe it- regardless of understanding it; whether you believe that these Gadarene Swine have any power other than as shadow play puppets, designed to scare small children, which is what we are when we do not stand guard at the gateway of the mind. Bad actors come and go. They cause mischief and nonsense, hoping they can get beyond the flaming blue velvet ropes into the VIP section and get a squeeze on the shoulder from Old Scratch. ♫I’ve got a little itch. I’ve got a little itch. There’s none of them be missed♫ So Legion walks into a bar with two diesel dykes, a Tranny in Wonderland and a Catholic priest and… never mind. It wasn’t funny.

via Chicago Style Pizza-Gate Reverse Kundalini, Houdini. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet

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