Trump and Figureheads and the Mediums of Convincing You.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

You have to either laugh or cry. I suppose you could cultivate an atmosphere of indifference, or let’s say that you… you are so caught up in the material attractions that you are also selfish enough that for you, indifference is a calculated posture you use to distract people’s attention that you are terribly horny for things that would embarrass anyone who had a smidgen of self respect left. I guess there are a lot of positions a person could take about the world we mutually inhabit and I’m not concerned about any of those. Me… ? I am involved in the harvesting of souls. I don’t harvest them myself, that is beyond my pay grade but… I do work for the one who does. Changing this world, to me, is just one more Don Quixote tilting at windmills. The world is the realm of the infernal absolute, within its bandwidth. You’re not going to change shit down here. It might seem for a time that all those people marching and waving signs and chaining themselves to fences and charging the police and throwing shit; flammable and non flammable, make a difference. It might seem so for a time and then… then it turns right back into what it was again… over and over and over.

This is the Kali Yuga. This is when she is pissed for lack of respect and acknowledgment. She is the queen of our day and night …but we have turned her into strip malls (double entendre) and high rise closed circuit systems where, in the agony of her being slandered and trafficked, she is employed at turning men gay and women into versions of her own unhappy self. It does not have to be that way… but it is. The main imperative of the time is the destruction of the family, which is the building block of society.

via Trump and Figureheads and the Mediums of Convincing You – Les Visible – The Dog Poet

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