Crypto Greeks bearing Gifts for Christmas in Atheistan

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

This is not the blog for what is getting mentioned here in this moment …but we tend to do what is in front of us. Let’s think of it as a digression, prior to having anything to actually digress from. I went to whatreallyhappened today. I haven’t been there more than once since I walked away from being linked at that site on a regular basis. I don’t think I ever went into the real details of the reasons for my departure. They were several. More and more the format was changing into a kind of managed hysteria and the paranoia level had been moving incrementally up toward Defcon 4. The advertising was out of control with flashing gifs that began to look like every day was Christmas in Atheistan. The same had been true of Rense and his site as well. I felt like I was on a shelf at Walmart and there was never any real news. It was the same headline repeated over and over and when you tried to read the article that was supposed to be there, it read like a Twitter feed. Some part of me had been waking up by degrees and where I had formerly been content to get a lot of traffic and not feel responsible for the graffiti that surrounded me, I was less and less able to tolerate the association. Meanwhile, every time I mentioned the ineffable I was exposed to withering contempt.

One of the things that bothered me the most was the constant appeal for funds. I know what even one of those ads goes for because there was a time that I thought of advertising my books and I was stunned at the cost and I was supposed to be getting ‘a deal’ so… the profit that is coming in from these ads is a pretty tidy sum.

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