Into the Delta of Dark Chaos Swims the One who Identifies as a Mohican.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

All that could be seen of Visible was the top of his head, his eyes and his nose, as he slowly streamed through the toxic murk of the swamp of American Culture. As he occasionally looked down into what reminded him of The Dead Marshes on the approach to Mordor; instead of the bodies of ancient warriors, glowing on the radioactive bottom, he saw Rachel Dolezal and various Kardashians, including all the other transparent fakirs of this time, tossing to and fro and entangled in the twisting seaweed-like growth. He didn’t tarry, like the Blue’s Brothers, he was, β€œon a mission from God.” Gollums to the left of him, Gollums to the right of him, into the delta of dark chaos swam the last of those ‘identifying’ as a Mohican.

Were it not for the horrors of having to act out as one, Visible would like to identify as a retarded gay, black, dyslexic Jew with Tourette’s Syndrome. He would appear to be like Stephen Hawking doing an impersonation of Schrodinger’s Cat. Now that would be a really cool variation of, ‘the old in and out’

And this just in; Barbara Bush gets cozy with her atavistic ancestors AND in a related news item we have our latest Darwin Award’s winner. So… you shouldn’t have to wonder at the previous description of Visible’s passage through allegory or perhaps Purgatory is a better image. We’re not the only ones who have a clue about what’s going on (cue Marvin Gaye). Meanwhile, those Satanists involved in the ruination of all that is sane and reasonable are shooting their lies up with steroids so that their shape-shifting shadow monster has become large enough to blot out the sun. This is war and here is one of the faces of the enemy. Her banal commentary on herself is near epic when it comes to Kewpie Doll self descriptors. She’s the author of that article, which is one of the stepping stones on the way to the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ contingent shortly outnumbering the rest of us. All lies, all the time!

via Into the Delta of Dark Chaos Swims the One who Identifies as a Mohican – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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