In Elysian Fields with Everything and Nothing

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Whenever one changes location… or, let me say, whenever I change locations, it takes a bit of time before the atmosphere of the muse takes up residence and makes it possible for the ideas to process into images that then change into words.

Moving right along, James Comey got fired! I was looking for that to happen and ironically he got fired in front of the place where the Directors Guild of America was holding some kind of event where he was scheduled to speak. We know to what degree Hollywood supports President Trump. My feeling is that Comey was up to no good as far as the administration goes. So much is happening behind the scenes these days that one might suspect that EVERYTHING is happening behind the scenes. Also, meanwhile, it looks like Israel has a firm lock on the administration so… what are we to expect in coming months and years? As we have maintained here many times, whoever controls the money flow in times of material darkness, controls the state of the world and… since only psychopaths are obsessed with controlling the money flow we can look forward to every urban center in the United States and elsewhere being turned into Chicago which, interestingly enough is in the hands of Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel. If we look deeper into that locale, all sorts of disturbing truths begin to surface concerning Hollywood’s first gay black president.

Moving right along, the gender bending war on normality, in tandem with the war on Christmas and Christianity- and both of these financed and orchestrated by the ones who control the money flow- continues apace. Once again, behind the scenes is where all the action is taking place. The main war can be defined as spiritual but… the material form it takes is a war on your sexual nature and anyone who is not perceiving this as what it is, is either deeply rooted in the right perspective or unaware of the agenda at work. The sexual drive, along with the survival instinct are our strongest impetus and both the mating instinct and the ‘flight or fight’ syndrome are top dogs in what drives us; gaining transformative control over the one and creating threats against the other are what the dark side puts its attention on. Once we are confused enough and frightened enough, we are easily controlled.

via In Elysian Fields with Everything and Nothing – Les Visible – The Dog Poet


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