The Moment, in Pursuit of the Future, out of the Blueprint of the Past.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Well… on it goes. We’re still here on Facebook but hopeful that soon time and circumstance will merge and we will have a new beginning (be back at Blogger and Word Press too) and all will be accessible and well again. In the meantime we find ourselves in Petri Dish land and as you know we follow trends. Trends are our way of telling the future. Trends indicate the course of the present in its pursuit of the Future out of the blueprints of the past.

Sad as the case may be, we visit routinely so that we can see what the organized Tribe Satanists are up to and that site is one of their main organs for the promotion of the darkest shit they are capable of coming up with. One thing to always keep in mind is that when they are reporting on events, these events are usually completely scripted …but given the appearance of being life being life acting naturally (while achieving the most unnatural potential available). Most of the time they create all of it. Relationships are put together like scenes from a film, stamped as authentic expressions of life, while being nothing but animated forms of excrement put through choreographed scenarios and here is one of the latest. As you scroll down the main page you will see that there’s plenty going on like this fabrication that serves no purpose other than an attempt to generate an audience and… of course, corrupt it as well.

The parallels between the modern day progression of degenerative materialism, show an ever increasing similarity to the courts of Caligula and Nero, among others, in ancient Rome. Of course Babylon and further locations would be mirrors of the same kind. In none of these locations did angels or aliens (so far as we know), sweep down out of the sky or transition in an inter-dimensional manner to set everything right and render the residents sane and of a much needed higher moral character than they had been previously exhibiting.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Moment, in Pursuit of the Future, out of the Blueprint of the Past.


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