A Few Moments of Thinking about Doing Something and Finding it Already Done.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
(welcome to Visible Origami my dear friends; the latest in an unbroken series of daily postings because, I guess because we like where we are and this is one of the things that happen when you like where you are.)
rollin… rollin… rollin… tap… tap… tap… tap… hmmm, probably would have been a good idea if I had had some idea of what I was going to say before I started to say something and it wasn’t there. Usually you know, there’s something there but… it’s like I opened the door to the pantry and there was what is probably a very old carton of Kraft mac’n cheese, which I didn’t buy cause the only way I would use that is to Spackle a hole in the sheet rock …but nothing else comes to mind; eating it is certainly not part of the equation. Of course this is not a literal pantry. It is supposed to represent my mind. You know what? I’m going to just sit here for a bit until something comes to me. Usually there’s a number of subjects in a holding pattern over that airstrip that leads to the terminal that is the central clearing house for my consciousness and they are still very much there and look a lot like the points we were making the last time we were here and therein lies the imagined dilemma. There is no dilemma, this is just one of the times I don’t want to repeat myself too transparently. So… given I just sent this link to a friend that I’ll be seeing in a couple of days and given that it relates directly to the matter at hand, I will share it with you as well… very interesting how coincidence works, given that it doesn’t exist in the first place.
And given that somehow Stevie intruded himself into the mix, let’s double down on that. If I have a favorite tune by him (which is impossible) this would be it. Listen to EVERY SINGLE LINE and tell me whether you think he might not be in direct communication with the one of whom we speak about here so often. If you ever buy another album, I think “Songs in the Key of Life” will take the need for pondering which one that would be off of your mind.

via Visible Origami | A Few Moments of Thinking about Doing Something and Finding it Already Done.


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