The Colorful Presents beneath Evergreen Colleges Transsexual Christmas Tree.

Then I think about those who are presently in the American Congress and I know that Israel has video of plenty of them dressed this way and worse… much worse. You can’t get video of me doing anything I won’t do in front of the whole world but, unfortunately some have weaknesses. I don’t understand how a person’s sexual fantasies transform into something so licorice twizzled out of shape as it seems they are. Obviously the devil is afoot and this is why I exhort and press and press and press that the reader should seek the ineffable with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their strength and with all their mind because, my friend… bad shit could happen but not on God’s watch. When you become a friend of God you do not need to fear these strange and bloated Macy’s Thanksgiving Day float creatures. They don’t come around and you don’t see them. When you are real… the unreal cannot come close. It looks bad for the culture right now… if these Jacobins are ever put into a position of disciplining everyone else, heads… will literally roll; keeping in mind all required torments that precede the event.

Can you imagine the intellectual and economic insecurities of a college faculty that would stand on camera and put up with a steroidal wart-hog bellowing at them in public about issues that don’t exist; that have been catered to ad nauseum? and whereas the real rage… the real rage or these, these… I honestly cannot attach a label to these creatures that will not further evidence against me when the tribunal convenes……… Their real rage is when they look in the mirror and see what they are and what they are not. Their real rage is that they have and will have no accomplishments that grant them a legitimate forum for any kind of enduring reputation at having created anything that someone not already so bent out of shape already would stay seated for more than a minute and listen to.

I’ve seen some amount of performance art. I’ve seen the new art that passes for art created by people who can’t draw a straight line. I’ve seen rollers and splashing paint, urine and feces transformed into artistic presentations as we climb into the dark uninspired well of our undiscovered self in search of something… ANYTHING with some validity and there is nothing… NOTHING and then you have to use menstrual fluid infused tampons and cigarette butts, human shit and dirty sheets and everything that gets thrown out (or should be thrown out), as the veritable testimony to what we are and you wind up with a season in Hell with Lena Dunham as your dominatrix girlfriend. Could you or any sane and still halfway capable man imagine what it would be like to pass her on the street, much less turn off to that looming brownstone on the corner where the two of you live?; talk about horror movies.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Colorful Presents beneath Evergreen Colleges Transsexual Christmas Tree.


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