Visible Origami | Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Good day my friends. We will suspend the usual interests in the ineffable in the usual manner today; not forgetting the mention because it will come but… information is rapidly coming in as proof that yesterday’s attack in Las Vegas was a false flag. Here is some information and speculation. Of course there is the twisted evil of those who celebrate what happened because they imagine it happened to people on the opposite side of their ideology. That she is a full blown member of The Tribe should come as no surprise. In passing let us note this telling tidbit from Breitbart and the source of the commentary as well. It is obvious at this close point to the event that it was an orchestrated false flag. It gets more and more amazing as I watch Mr. Apocalypse dance, this information in this article is riveting. Speculation follows speculation but it is fairly obvious if you know anything about physics and guns that a lot of the speculation seems more accurate than what we are being awkwardly fed. Follow that last link with this one and it becomes more and more clear.

My apologies for so much information from so many locations but one must set the stage, just as they did.

Now they are trying to cover their tracks. It won’t happen. Here is the latest from that Tribe Sleaze Fest at TMZ. The head guy at this sewer pipe production formerly operated as the shit fly reporter from the “Meet the Feebles” movie, who spent most of his time buzzing an unflushed toilet. This stars Muppets like you have never seen them before. I was telling a friend about how outrageous this film was and I guess he wasn’t paying attention cause he went home and put it on and started watching it with his 12 year old daughters. Yes, you are correct. I burst out laughing. After a decent pause he laughed too. “Well, you could have warned me.” “I did warn you, you just weren’t paying attention when I was describing the contents.”

via Visible Origami | Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting.


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