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Mr Apocalypse keeps walking that walk …and bringing things from under rocks out into the light of day. Some mass media websites are Anti-Trump all the Time and we are encountering more and more, newer and newer sub sectors of political correctness offenses. Now we have a category entitled ‘racist anal sex jokes’. The All Negative Trump News website is also known as Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington is one of those upwardly mobile types. She married a rich oil man and got herself a nice leveraged buyout when she went her own way. Apparently her ex-husband was gay; no word on whether she was the cause of that. She’s one of those people who has raised hypocrisy and talking out of both sides of her mouth to a fine art. She wants revolution and the destruction of the Republican Party. She wants all kinds of things.

Let me point out with that mass arrest in Kalifornia; the huge pedophile ring, that… no names are mentioned, even the location is obscured and… you know why? Famous people are involved and this is something that Trump had in the works some time ago. He knew they were going to come after him so he set the groundwork in motion. He knows all about what’s going on. That was no idle mistake with Kellyane Conway about that staged event in Bowling Green. Just wait my friends. He’s playing out the rope they are going to hang themselves with. Never before has someone refused to play the game to this extent. It’s a toss up as to whether he can survive long enough to pull it off. Keep this all in mind as events proceed apace.

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The Unspeakable Joy of Eternal Gratitude.

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Earlier I was standing by the bathroom window (no, I did not come in that way) as waves of gratitude poured over me and that has been happening over the last few weeks; right out of the blue, with nothing specific to generate it, just this combination of both love and gratitude… it’s simply ‘there’ and of course the gratitude that I am feeling generates more gratitude, it’s an infectious and contagious joy like an upwelling fountain, spilling over the lip of the bowl and running in a shimmer of light, as if it were back lit from some mysterious source. I know that this is an external projection of an internal condition with an identical shimmer, attended by music that is generated out of the shimmer and it makes me think of the beautiful interplay between sound and light and color. The colors are ever changing variants on festive emotions that burble to the surface, rising out of some internal kaleidoscope that the ineffable is using to remind me of the presence of the divine within. Every event in our lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with our souls.

A life time can go by and so many of us never inquire more deeply into that wonderful land which is our native and eternal home, behind the endless shifting of appearances. For those who take the trouble, which is no trouble at all, the opportunity to awaken our inner self is always on the cusp of the moment. The thrill of the possibility is like the keening of the wind, calling across time and space, as a reminder of our celestial origins. I am not interested in the Food Court. I am not interested in the world of gadgets and all the myriad of outfits I can mix and match, as one more ensemble, providing us with an identity for what the majority of us are unable to identify. We can’t really label or define it because that requires us to be apart from it. It is what it is and it speaks itself as itself, the same way the wind and the rain accomplish the same.

I don’t know what is causing this marvelous experience. It’s come and gone before but never has it returned again and again. There is this sensation of something large and invisible moving in the ethers. It is almost like that mysterious Niburu, which you are supposed to be able to see but no one has seen it as far as I know… this other is invisible but no less present. It is like some hidden planetary amalgam of music and good will. There is nothing materially solid about it. It is a collection of fluid associations where these associations take the shape of their expression. I see dancing musical notes. I see cartoon caricatures that are a kind of onomatopoeia; if you catch my implications here.

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Time Lapse Photography out of the Timelessness of Now.

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Sometimes I wish I didn’t see things the way that I do. Later on in that same day, I am striving to see and corroborate what I see with even more intensity, so I guess I am stuck with myself and the inevitable probing… probing… looking under rocks but probing with a stick. We don’t want one of those Gila Monster episodes. One of the reasons that Truth, were it to be characterized as a personality, is seen as standing alone, afar off, unto itself, is that the truth takes you places you might not have wanted to go. You come around a corner and you see it. Then you see what it is illuminating for your pleasure or distaste. Sometimes you tell yourself, “I wish I didn’t have to know that.” But you do know that, now. As is the case with that never ending porno film, The Holocaust or the reality that Israel did 9/11. It is something to know the truth of these matters… and how can you not if you have spent any amount of time looking into them? This is probably why most people will not look deeper into the mix. It’s why they would prefer not to know how the sausages they eat are made. The deeper you look into anything of any magnitude, the deeper you also have to look into yourself and discover whether you are up to the task of knowing or not.

I forget when it was. It was a few years ago. I clearly remember it happening …but I do not remember where I was or what was going on around me. I was in a conversation with the ineffable. At one point, the ineffable said to me, “sometimes I am lonely.” Here I was in a conversation with the ineffable and I heard this. I pondered over and thought about this many times since it was said to me. I tried to comprehend how this could be possible when the ineffable lives within each of us. Is the animate spark of life, the glow, the candle, the fire and flame and the hunger of life itself, also in search of the discovery of itself. So I often, not often enough, go to the ineffable and ask, “So, how is it going? You want to talk?”

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Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.

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Oh… I could tell some tales, were I of a mind to. I’m not inclined to lie. I am a poet though, so I do embellish a bit here and there. I guess you need to know that going in… and out. Can I help you out? Sure! Which way did you come in? Life can be deadly and worse than that due to the cost of time passing and resources you are losing. It happens to entire countries. It can certainly happen in a relationship between you and someone else.

Aye… there is the thing… are you fortunate in your possessions? Do you have nothing? Are you somewhere in between? You love someone. What are they worth? Really? Really. Are they true? Are they a scoundrel? Are they on a mission of some kind? Meaning… are they driven and do you like where they are driving? Are they driving you or are you a sluggish, hard to move individual. Complexities? Welcome to the game board of life.

There are two critical features at work always (unless you are alone ((you are never alone))); you have to get along with other people and you have to get along with yourself. This is stated in terms of creating harmony, if harmony is what you are after. There are other options and I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves what they are after. I will guarantee that you will find what you seek. I guarantee that what you put out will come back on you, or were you sleeping in science class? Math?

It’s good to know your limits too. I am not gifted for things like chemistry. Imagine the trouble I could have gotten into. What I am trying to say is that for most of us, more of our lives is in our hands than we think it is. We can choose how it will be and I choose harmony. It can be difficult making the personal adjustments that are necessary to achieve this and one must be careful when it come to compromise, deals and arrangements. But you are in love.

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Pulled by Dark Horses through the Doldrums of the Year.

by Les Visible

There is a time of calendar doldrums, like the ocean doldrums where horses once pulled boats, swimming in the horse latitudes. Did that ever happen? I think that is why they call it the ‘horse latitudes’ and I don’t think there would horse latitudes without the doldrums. Following the year end holidays, there comes that dark of the year that is January and February, which actually turns out to be the longest month of all, when measured according to how its passing feels. The highest interest points we have during this doldric, doldrumic? (doldrimic?) (visibilism alert) period, are two in number; Trump is soon to be President of the United States …and… what is suiting up to and has already shown to be, probably the best NFL season of all time. I won’t be going into the latter. Those who have an interest in this area have an idea of what I am talking about and for those who do not have an interest, it would take a whole lot of words and pages to provoke an interest that, if it isn’t already provoked, isn’t likely to be…

As has been mentioned here, more than once, the author is a trend observer. You might compare this to paying attention while you are driving in traffic. This is something I recommend to everyone; given how cellphones and event horizon tech are impacting on our driving. One needs to maintain their focus. It is amazing how people will kill themselves, or others, over a goat like, urgent piss need of text frequency force they seem incapable of controlling. You can’t see clearly if you are being driven. Everything changes when you are driving and especially so when you recognize the cosmic driver, instead of Chaos and Disorder, which are very present in the present mix.

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Well… it is the New Year and the dead zone continues; meaning that somber aftermath, while the holidays put their tinsel and false hopes aside and the gray atmosphere; fifty days of gray? Goes on apace. It’s not me. I’m in a good mood, I just happen to notice what goes on around me. Everyone here is in a good mood but step outside! & Uh huh… there really is a downside, once the disappointment of the material expectations do what they always do and that is to leave you on the outside looking in when you should have been on the inside all along. This is what occurs. Materialism sucks you outside yourself and then forces you to look back in on what you lost as a result. Am I making sense? Only if you know that real love only manifests from the place where true love is always resident in the place it originates from.

Yes… I am just filling space momentarily. The truth of this matter or any matter, or matter in general is that only LOVE will take you where you really want to go and only LOVE will maintain you where you are.

I don’t know where you will go with this from here, or what you brought with you or will take away from this but … the one thing that I know among all the things I do not know is that LOVE rules the universe and every star contained within it. You may search and search (but you still can’t find) through every populated and abandoned sector in all of the places found and yet to find but… only LOVE is real. Everything else is a distraction or a cul de sac. Everything but LOVE is a lie.

I ask you dear reader to consider one piece of information from me and put it at the top of everything I have ever said, at any time ever… Love is the supreme expression of the supreme. It is not only the originator source of all our heartbreak and disappointment but the lack of it it is the source tragedy of every mistake we have ever made.

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Some Thoughts on Christmas 2016. – Les Visible – The Dog Poet

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Tis the season and the moment. It’s nasty and wet out at this time (Christmas Eve) and we are thinking of those who are out in it as many are. Some are there professionally and some are there through misfortune and afflicted Karma. This physical world and spiritual world! How it turns for and against us under the force of unseen hands. Today (Christmas Day) is sunny and bright!

My thoughts turn to The Congo, where terrorized residents toil through all the hours of the daylight, Armed with Stone Age implements, they extract the rare metals for cellphones and computers, so that I can stand on the deck here in the summer and watch astoundingly clueless teenage girls, ride by on their bicycles, thumb-humping their cellphones, indifferent to the traffic and their own safety; self importance, contending with vanity, burning in selfish immolation, hair-flipping their locks like some half seal, half snake dancing hybrid from the Bahamian Banking Island of a latter day, Dr. Moreau.

Millions of Chinese workers in plague masks, march through the poisoned clouds that mass and coil in Beijing, as, around the world, hordes of deranged Walmart shoppers, waddle down the aisles in search of plastic epiphanies; Jesus sure be loving you, while he’s riding on the dashboard of yer car.

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