The US Has Finally Done It: Mexican Immigrants Become Emigrants

By Tyler Durden

You know its bad when…the net flow of Mexicans into the US has fallen so much that there is a high probability that it is now in reverse ending around forty years of inward migration. The Pew Hispanic Center notes that the standstill – after more than 12 million current immigrants have entered the US – more than half of whom are illegal – appears to be the result of many factors including a weakened US job and construction market, tougher border enforcement, a rise in deportations, growing dangers associated with border crossing, a long-term decline in Mexico’s birth rate, and changing (read perhaps more opportunistic) economic conditions in Mexico (especially if you work at WalMex). This sharp downward trend in net migration has led to the first significant decrease in at least two decades in the number of unauthorized Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. – to 6.1 million in 2011, down from a peak of nearly 7 million in 2007.

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Project Avalon video interview: THE RULERS OF THE WORLD


In the summer of 2010 I was approached by a very unusual man. The story of that contact is described by him in this interview. I’ve called him ‘Charles’.

He’s spent many years working for the elite group that considers it their responsibility to run the planet.

He’s not an academic, a historian, or a scientist. But he wanted to communicate some important information: about the worldview and philosophy of this group — from their point of view: what they’re trying to achieve, why, and how. What he wants to see is what he calls a ‘Fair Contest’.

There’s a great deal of material that was not covered in this interview. It is, to some degree, the start of a dialog. The group of 33 that ‘Charles’ works with is indirectly using this opportunity to communicate. I’ve reported this communication as accurately as possible.

As is normal journalistic practice, some of the information was asked to be off-record at this stage. As you watch this interview, you will see that there are a great many unanswered questions. I’d like there to be a further interview. But any decision about this isn’t mine to make.

For me, the second half of 2010 has been an interesting time. It’s culminated in this opportunity to communicate indirectly, through this video and through ‘Charles’ himself, with the group of people who are running the planet.

This is what I would like this opportunity to say:

I understand the history and context that ‘Charles’ has explained — some of which is in this interview.

But there is another way.

If you are to be the true leaders of the planet, you can be the captains of Spaceship Earth with a responsibility for the entire Human Family.

There can be a massive clean-up operation. You know that the technology exists. Between us all, this can be done.

Clean water, clean air, clean oceans, free energy, abundant wildlife, health and education for every human being.

Planet Earth could be a paradise planet — a model for this sector of the galaxy.

The Human Race is a massive, long-term experiment.

This information, confirmed by yourselves via ‘Charles’, will not be new to many of those watching this video.

‘Charles’ has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference.

It is arguable that the optimum conclusion for all — an outcome that would delight those whose project this is — would be for the Human Race to take responsibility for itself: and show just what they can do.

Your legacy to remain for time immemorial, here and elsewhere, could be:

We cleaned up the mess.

We inspired and funded the world’s brightest and best from every nation to work together to solve the problems.

We fully restored this beautiful, magnificent jewel of this solar system.

Look what we did.

When the entire Human Family, organized, focused, and under inspired leadership, worked together — to show just what could be done.

North American Union – Disintegration of the Border

Conceptually, the idea behind the North American Union is the same as for the European Union. Strategically, the idea is to create large regional, unelected, unseen governance structures that can be managed by the social engineers of the United Nations creating a totalitarian One World Government by stealth.

To understand how this treason has occurred right under our noses, one must go back to the Stockholm 1972 Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. This conference was headed up by Maurice Strong, a socialist from Canada.

A U.S.-Mexico Binational Commission was established in 1981. Presumably, they are the ones who crafted the La Paz Agreement that was signed by Ronald Reagan in 1983. It implemented the principles defined in the 1972 Declaration.

The Agreement called for the establishment of a precisely defined border region ostensibly for the purpose of working cooperatively with Mexico to clean up the environment in the region. It called for the establishment of six working groups to cooperate in the areas of (1) water, (2) air, (3) hazardous and solid waste, (4) pollution prevention, (5) contingency planning and emergency response, and (6) cooperative enforcement and compliance.

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The “shock doctrine” for Haiti The U.S. is reviving what Haitians call “the plan of death.”

ONE MONTH after the devastating earthquake, Haiti continues to suffer under apocalyptic conditions.

The quake killed more than 200,000 people, injured 250,000 and has left over 3 million dependent on assistance for food, water and housing. Contrary to the puff pieces in the media, the relief operation has been a miserable failure. The United Nations admitted at the end of January that had only been able to feed 1 million people, leaving many more without access to food. Whole sections of Port-au-Prince and surrounding towns never even saw relief convoys.

Amid this catastrophe, imperial powers and corporate vultures are circling, eyeing the profits to be made from reconstruction.

The Street, an investment Web site, published an article, misleadingly titled “An Opportunity to Heal Haiti,” that lays out how U.S. corporations can cash in on the catastrophe. “Here are some companies,” they write, “that could potentially benefit: General Electric, Caterpillar, Deere, Fluor, Jacobs Engineering.”

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US Army converting to NA Army

You will be seeing logos like this from now on throughout the USA.

Video – Swine Flu Vaccines – Order Out Of Chaos

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Amero, North American Union – What’re the Facts?

By Jack Rabbit

Have you heard rumors circulating about the North American Union? Have you heard rumors about the “Amero?” Have you heard rumors of the New World Order? Here are some thoughts and links I hope you will find useful in your search for the truth.

The North American Union is the subject of “conspiracy theory.” The idea is that the United States, Mexico, and Canada will be merged into a superstate. The implication is that there will no longer be a Canada, United States, or Mexico – there will be one giant country sharing a common currency called the “Amero.” Part of this plan is to build a gigantic highway (Trans-Texas Corridor) that links from Mexican ports, through the center of the U.S. up to Canada. The beneficiaries of this superstate will be big business, with a trend toward the “New World Order” or world government.

The first place one may wish to look is HERE (CLICK) at the SPP.GOV website to see what the U.S. government has to say about this. They have a “myths and facts” section you may wish to peruse. The webpage describes a harmless move toward harmonization. But is everyone discussing this NAU as calm and unexcited as the people that put the SPP.GOV website together? No, they are not.

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