Almost Alive in the Manifest World of the Eternal, External Temporary

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It is that time again. Every year it comes around, at a different time, which I do not remember always being the case but.. now it is. That means it is time to revisit the Easter Poem, “I Do Believe.”

It says what I think about Jesus Christ. I’ve been trying to think of something else to say but I can hardly think of anything that hasn’t been said. I’ll come up with something if I think about it long enough.

God is Love. Jesus Christ is the first emanation of the almighty God, so Jesus Christ is obviously the manifest expression of Love and everything done, everything accomplished by Jesus Christ, real or allegorically translated, from the unremembered real to the modern expression of it, is a real or translated statement of the eternally resonant Love of the ineffable for all life. The ineffable has a single primary extension and that is Love. Love is infinitely adaptable as the Emerald Tablet says, “And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation.”

Every valuable truth that can be gleaned is present in that brief treatise, just as a complete primer for existence in both the manifest and the unmanifest is to be found in The Tao De Ching- The Way of Life, according to Lao Tzu. The Tao De Ching comes, allegedly from around 600 BC and The Emerald Tablet, allegedly from about 2400 years before that. I can’t speak to any precision in the matter but I can say they precede the arrival and seeming departure of The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, master of contradiction who also said, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. It was followed, either or immediately thereafter by something like, “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” That might be verbatim but I doubt that anything is (grin) and that is why I said, in the spirit of all sincere redundancy, “that might be verbatim.”

Almost Alive in the Manifest World of the Eternal, External Temporary

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The Sure and Present Locus of a Mind that’s Held in Focus

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(let’s try to get sequentially back in order and do a segue into the Visible Origami that we intended to get written in the first place)

I am continuously reminded of the cyclic nature of all things. This includes those positive sweeps of experience that move into the negative and back into the positive, like some kind of clockwork but I have yet to see the clock. Sometimes the positive will continue for a longer period and the same is true of the negative. You can be assured that the pacing and changing have much to do with the state of mind of the person it is happening to. Many people think of themselves as having a positive outlook but, below the surface it is a swirl of negativity because of the perpetual telepathic invasions taking place in the general consciousness. Let’s think of our minds as something like the control panel in a vehicle. There are levers and buttons and a wheel to steer by. Sometimes one of these mediums are more relevant than others; consider the controls of a plane or helicopter versus a car… versus a saucer pod for that matter. The human mind has buttons that can be pushed and levers that can be lifted or pressed on. Wheels can be turned to the left and right and sometimes pulled forward, up or down or to either side. Much of it has to do with how the mind is understood by the one being manipulated from within or without. The senses register everything, even when the mind of the one whose senses are an extension of it is unaware of the influence. Everything around us is advertising its presence; the birds in the sky, the people passing by, the actual advertisements for shit you don’t need. It’s broadcasting all the time.

Within the mind of anyone, there are degrees of vulnerability for particular forces of expression; food, sex, objects and positions for desired acquisition. Every individual is striving for some combination of all of them, to a lesser or greater extent. For some, the forces are overwhelming. For others is is simply an annoyance that is decreased or amplified by the presence or absence of their fellows in whatever relative thrall may exist; such as being in a populous city or a forested region, where you are more or less alone …except for wildlife. Of course, there is wildlife in the cities as well …but of a different order (grin).

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Catholic Priests Observe Rise in Demonic Possession

Experts from the Catholic Church in Italy and the US have said that exorcists are needed as never before, because more and more people are trying… Satanism.

Exorcism experts say there is a pressing need to find a solution.

“The lack of exorcists is a real emergency. There is a pastoral emergency as a result of a significant increase in the number of diabolical possessions that exorcist priests are confronting,” Valter Cascioli, a psychologist and scientific consultant to the International Association of Exorcists, which is endorsed by the Vatican, told the Italian La Stampa newspaper.

“The number of people who take part in occult and satanic practices, which lead to serious physical, psychological and spiritual damages, is constantly rising,” he added.

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Smoking Mirrors | This, That, The Other and Meetings with The Mother.

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About two weeks ago The Mother came to me. In earlier times she was all I thought about and all I saw in those moments of deep reflection in the private places of Nature. Then for decades my focus went moving here or there into one zone of devotion and inquiry after another. I often wondered why this shift had occurred. I wondered but not with any anxiety and then… out of the blue and apropos of nothing she has come back and the intensity increases with every day. Last night she was speaking to me about how sad she was and how she was more and more being faced with a need to make a profound and possibly catastrophic transformation here on Earth. How dramatic this needs to be was wholly dependent upon what some amount of us might contribute to diminishing her sorrow. Did enough of us care enough to become aware enough in our every thought word and deed that we might militate against the necessary shock value of whatever she feels needs be done in order to bring about a greater change in consciousness in the world around and within us? Do we?
It is impossible to describe the impact of certain communications upon one’s heart and soul when they come around. Late last night or… early this morning as you prefer, I stood at the window in the bathroom, having an American Spirit, as she asked me to tell the readers how important it is to her to be appreciated. It seems that in her humility of being she has near phased herself out, or been phased out. I find it so hard to describe what it is like when the living god tells you she is lonely. I’ve never had an experience like this before but I promised her I would do my best. She let me know that it is of singular importance that she gets some love before she is compelled to bring herself into prominence by shaking the framework of Nature which… she happens to be. I don’t know what any of this means but I can say with absolute sincerity that I have been feeling it for awhile, without even knowing what ‘it’ is. I’ve got a better idea of that now and I am certainly going to do my part in this by remembering her in every moment that I am able to. It is so very difficult to bring the image or idea of the almighty before the minds eye with a greater continuity and dedication than one has heretofore been capable of.
There are degrees of Nature. In the raw it is the pristine wilderness of her being before adaptation has come about. It moves from there to malls with hardly any representation of the pristine. It moves from purity into perversion and I think this is what is troubling her; she is getting all that attention in the form of her own being, which is not her being, that she likes the least. She is no longer being seen in the wonder and beauty of her truer self. As a result human nature is also drifting into ever deeper levels of perversity, mindless trinket worship and general indifference …and it becomes inevitable that destruction must follow in order to return the human heart and mind to a simpler and more profound and loving awareness of our real mother.
I am not saying these things as well as I wish but it is as much as I am capable of so I must beg that the reader can see between the lines and elevate what has been said into an area of understanding where it rightly belongs. Thank you for you patience with me in this regard.
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3/22 false flag! Gladio strikes Brussels on satanic holiday


“Radical Muslims” (meaning fanatical wahhabis and other extreme-puritanical types) do not celebrate other people’s holidays…least of all the holidays of satanists.

Yet we are told that ISIS, whose acronym invokes a pagan goddess, has just conducted a big human sacrifice in Brussels on a major satanic holiday.

And it’s somehow all the fault of “radical Islam.”

Yeah, right.

The date 3/22 (322) is not only the emblem of America’s leading CIA-Freemasonic elite group, Skull and Bones.

3/22 is also the culmination of the three-day Satanic Feast of Pelusia, consisting of – get this – “the invocation of Isis.”

When Jim Dean says “you can’t make this stuff up,” he is understating the case.


As the freemasonic Satanists invoke Isis (or ISIS) on 3/22, they also pay homage to another female deity: Ishtar, the “goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex.”

And it gets better (or worse, depending your point of view): Ishtar “was particularly worshipped in the Upper Mesopotamian kingdom of Assyria (modern northern Iraq, north east Syria and south east Turkey).” That would be the territory that is currently ruled by … you guessed it … ISIS.

If you aren’t rolling your eyes and screaming WTF?! you’re not paying attention.

I’ve been a Muslim since 1993, and have a Ph.D. with an Islamic Studies component. One thing I can tell you is that observing satanic holy dates associated with Isis and Ishtar is just not “Islamically kosher.”

Muslims are not big on pagan goddesses. Trust me.

ISIS is a US-Zionist group. It has nothing to do with Islam.

Muslims are not into human sacrifice. The biggest Muslim holiday, Eid, celebrates THE END OF HUMAN SACRIFICE. It commemorates the moment when monotheists broke with the sacrificial practices of pagan-god-and-goddess-worshippers, who were in the habit of burning or burying their own children alive as offerings to their deities. (For a convincing analysis of human sacrifice and paganism, read René Girard.)

And Muslims do not kill innocent people:

Whoever kills an innocent…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

Satanic human sacrifice, as opposed to Islam, revels in the sacrificial killing of innocents. The more innocent the victim, the better, from the satanic perspective…and from the perspective of freemasonic-satanist New World Order operatives.

That’s why terrorism – the intentional killing of randomly-chosen innocent victims – is primarily practiced by government-linked satanists (and their dupes).

Most of the 50 million people murdered in American CIA and military “interventions” since World War II were innocent non-combattants. It is no coincidence that the American government, the world’s leading terrorist group, is infested by freemasonic satanists at the highest levels.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Kay Griggs.


US-military-linked freemasonic Satanists secretly orchestrated virtually all of the “left-wing terrorism” that ravaged Cold War era Europe. This is not a “conspiracy theory,” it is historical fact, proven by the careful, detailed work of folks like Daniele Ganser, eloquently explained by Paul Williams, Richard Cottrell, and others.

The same people are now running Gladio B. It’s the same terrorism, committed by the same people. The only difference is that they’re falsely blaming it on “Muslims” rather than “leftists.”

Brussels is a natural place for the Gladio B freemasonic satanists to stage a big false flag on the satanic holiday of 3/22.

Brussels has always been the main headquarters of Gladio, which is a NATO program, run out of NATO headquarters. This time, they conveniently staged the false flag “just a few miles” from NATO’s HQ:

NATO headquarters, just a few miles from Brussels attacks, boosts alert status

During the Cold War, NATO operatives massacred ordinary people in Belgium, shooting them down in supermarkets and on sidewalks, then blaming “leftist terrorists.” Google “Brabant massacre” for details.

The purpose was to prevent the rise of the left in Europe.

Today, the next generation of NATO operatives is blowing up ordinary people in airports and train stations, and blaming “Muslim terrorists.”

The purpose is to prevent the rise of Islam in Europe.

If these freemasonic-satanic false flags, including the 2015 Paris false flags exposed in We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo and ANOTHER French False Flag, as well as all of the orchestrated “rape” incidents and the like, were not happening, Europe would have kept its borders relatively open, and welcomed the demographic rise of Islam in Europe. European Muslim voters would have ensured that Europe would be pro-Palestine, rather than pro-Israel, by around 2020.

Likewise, European Muslim voters would have put an end to the usury-based currency system of the central banks.

And American Muslim voters – who elected President Bush in 2000, which turned out to be a bad move – would have ended US support for Israel, and put the Zionist entity out of business, had there been no War on Islam disguised as a “war on terror.” They would also have led the movement to end the Rothschild-Zionist owned Federal Reserve and replace it with honest, transparent, non-usury currency.

Check out my interview with Sami al-Arian, the Palestinian-American political organizer who put Bush in the White House, then lived to regret it.

That’s why the Zionist central bankers, and their Israel-linked crime network, created the War on Islam by staging false flags at the World Trade Center in 1993, Oklahoma City in 1995 (originally intended to be blamed on Muslims), the African embassy bombings in 1998,  and the USS Cole attack in 2000 – the “precursor” false flags that created a plausible patsy for the Big Event of 9/11/2001.

Since then, they have kept the pot boiling, and the War on Islam moving full steam ahead, with more false flags in Bali, Madrid, London, Mumbai, Paris, San Bernardino, and now Brussels, as well as many other locations.

Will this latest false flag lead to a call for “boots on the ground” in Syria, to take advantage of the Russian withdrawal? Will it exacerbate the ongoing construction of Police State Europe? Or will it just enhance the push to lock down Europe’s borders and prevent those Rothschild-Zionist-hating Muslims from achieving numerical and electoral significance?


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Reflections in a Petri Dish | Mr Automatic and Mrs. Habitual Patterns on Location.

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” As we have mentioned in the past, the name Adam means, ‘namer of things’. From this it is, or should be, easy to extrapolate into the idea that we all create the world we live in, according to how we define it. Look around you and you can see this is so. What might not immediately occur to most people is that if they are unhappy with the world they live in, they can redefine it. Another feature of this is that their world gets redefined for them as a result of experiences but they play the critical part by deciding what it means to them. We don’t pay as much attention to ourselves as we should because we are too close to the subject. We are around ourselves all of the time and much of the time we behave and act out within the confines of habit. We become automatic and the unfortunate thing is that in this chronic looping we cease to be alive in any true sense. Another unfortunate result of this is that it makes us easier to control by those who mean us no good.

It might come as a surprise to most people but there are those who make a study of how to control people and besides that, people try to control each other, often. You see this in all the forms of relationship that there are. In some cases it is to be expected and it is even a good thing, depending on the way it is expressed, of course, because sometimes the particular relationship is toxic and it can mess people up for life. I’m talking about the parent/child thing. Very often in any relationship, one party might seek to control the other. Sometimes both are engaged in this; a kind of never ending tug of war, push me pull you thing. Then there are the bigger control systems, like the government, one’s place of employment, religions and so on. Then there are the laws of nature and the laws of the cosmos. They control us in all sorts of ways.

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Reflections in a Petri Dish | Grief-Riding in the Empty Shells of Stolen Cars.

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We notice that a lot of people are joining in the chorus of outrage against the Senegalese, Sudanese, Somali, Syrian and other refugee, migrant types (who are seemingly the main offenders) and whose nationality does not begin with an S. We notice even relatively informed and intelligent types getting all hot and lathered about the phenomena of European women being groped and raped and otherwise abused by knuckle dragging troglodytes… we’re not going to dispute that these individuals who are in a minority are not human in any precise definition of the word, no more than we are going to gloss over the suppression of black on white crime statistics as they exist in the light of reality. We do concede that there are any number of forces that contribute to the latter and so it is not as black and white as it appears (grin).

The truth of why the former and the latter are what they are are the direct result of the intentional efforts of men like George Soros and the Rothschilds and other confirmed Satanists that operate from the top of the pyramid of political and social influence and who seek after the conditions they have created by fomenting war in the Middle East and thereby generating the migrant hordes who are invading Europe AND who are facilitating these migrations; directly facilitating them and also controlling the responses of the political leaders in all of the affected countries. If you are looking for a culprit, these are the real culprits.

The same Satanic emissaries are the clandestine forces behind the rise of Trump in the opinion polls. People go on and on about how this bombastic ego maniac tells the truth but how deeply have you investigated these alleged truths and how objectively have you inquired after the effects of actually employing these truths in the cultures where his influence will impact, should he be shoehorned into the highest position in the land? Regardless of any and all of this, there has never been a time when the interests of the greater body of the public are a primary concern of billionaires who are also under the inescapable sway of bankers. This should be obvious even to borderline intellects but people, even intelligent people are generally and routinely swayed by what they hear all the time from compromised media, which even though they see it happening right in front of them, still do not believe on a visceral level that they are being lied to all the time. They know at a certain level that they are being lied to but at a deeper level they don’t believe this is really possible.

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