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Trump Supporter Surrounded at Women’s March in LA

via Trump Supporter Surrounded at Women’s March in LA – YouTube

Reflections in a Petri Dish | Perfect Love Shall Surely Cast out Fear.

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You’ll remember how when I first mentioned the Oakland fire I said there was something strange about the photos of people? It’s bringing Pulse nightclub flashbacks to me. Have they found a cause for that fire? I got a feeling about this and it ties in to the owner too and him not being there and some of the conflicts ‘the mob’ (that controls the art and sex scene) has on eclectic living and creative spaces.

Let’s be circumspect (and fabulous!) There is a plot about many of the events going on in the world today… a denouement and (double entendre alert!) a climax. Yes… I can be humorous, because I have no fear of the darkness. I have walked into the darkness with a light and seen both the darkness and the light that led me. I believe in the almighty and unassailable ineffable. What have I got to fear? “Yeah though I walk in the valley of the ‘shadow’ of death…” “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” “If God is for me, who can be against me?” My friends, I ask that you let this flame into your heart at this moment and never let that flame go out. It is the eternal flame. It is the flame of love. Love displaces fear. They CANNOT occupy the same space at the same time. Where there is Love there can be no fear and what often goes unacknowledged, where there is Fear there can be no Love. If we could just get that we would have it all.

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Visible Origami | Shine Brightly in the Consuming Fire of Divine Love.

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I would like, within the limitations of my ability, to talk a little about Bhakti Yoga today; which for me is the only legitimate fast track to the divine that exists for the present and the least dangerous of all the options out there.

My life keeps going by and I step in and out of it. These days I spend a great deal of my time in reflection, as well as preparation for my ongoing journey. It might be awhile yet and it may be right around the corner, either is fine with me. I have come to understand that loving the divine is so very, very much easier, once all the distractions that the greatest majority of us live with; are in pursuit of, or which predominates over all of the esoteric alternatives are… gone.

Without my even being aware of it, at first, nearly all of the usual human attractions and compulsions just slipped out the door and haven’t returned. I find myself watching life behind some kind of glass. It’s a movie that is being screened in the mind but once the film in the projector has been changed, ordinary life becomes irrelevant and one can immerse themselves in more important considerations.

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Blowing Your Mind — as Promised | Scott Adams’ Blog

About a year ago I told you that Donald Trump would change far more than politics. I predicted that he would change your understanding of the human condition and your role in reality.

Back then, I couldn’t explain what I meant. You didn’t have the mental framework to hold this new idea – unless you were a trained hypnotist or a cognitive scientist. The ideas were too radical.

Until now.

I saw this situation developing last year. The Master Persuader opened a crack in the universe so we mortals could – for the first time – understand the nature of reality. At the end of this short blog post I will link to an article that will blow your mind.

But first I will describe the mental framework you need to accept this new vision of reality. The framework goes like this:

1. Smart, well-informed people disagree on nearly all major issues. So being smart and well-informed doesn’t help you grasp reality as much as you would hope. If it did, all of the smart, well-informed people would agree. They don’t.

2. Trump says lots of things that don’t pass the fact-checkers’ tests. His supporters don’t care because facts don’t influence decisions. Humans decide first, then rationalize their irrational choices with cherry-picked data. You see this all the time with the people who disagree with your brilliance. Just remember that they see the same irrationality in you that you see in them.

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Reflections in a Petri Dish | Death Star Shit Magnets and Drooling Drama Queens.

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You know when you see something like this that it becomes clear that they actually are trying to kill us, if we are stupid enough to drink their Evil Ice Queen Death Potions. It also becomes clear that Monsanto really is My Satan; not actually ‘my Satan’ but Satanic fer sure.

The Crass Media says that Death Star Shit Magnet, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls by a few points but… when you go to right wing alternative news sites like What Really Happens in Our Heads, you find that Trump is ahead by a few points. Meanwhile, based on the drooling drama queen imprecations of the same Hillary, Russia is hacking the election machines and trying to control the election outcome this November. The thing is, we have plenty of cabals trying to hack the election right here in the good old USA and they have been at it for decades. They kill without conscience. They steal with impunity. They exercise every evil possibility and their only imperative is that somebody must get hurt.

I am daily stunned at the way the planet lumbers and careens like a drunken clown, through its erratic course of rotation and never seems to run into anything and keeps coming back for more of whatever it had last time; probably a cocktail of Winner’s Cup Vodka (five dollars a fifth) with a Drano chaser. Or it might be some kind of a Boilermaker where you drop a shot of Clorox into a can of Pabst ‘no ribbon’ beer. Every day I get up and ask myself, “Is this the day when the world flies off of its invisible hinges?” “Is this the day that puts paid to every other day in this long time, free range, stupid chicken dance, where the music sounds like the gear shift on a blown manual transmission?” Reverse has been gone for some time. We’ll see…

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Smoking Mirrors | Somewhere Beyond the Touch of the King of Pain.

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It’s an interesting curiosity; the many differences between the East and the West. In the West, the cow is seen as the source of dairy products, steaks and burgers. There is nothing divine about the cow in the West. It is just a commodity and an ill treated one at that. Whatever happens to a cow is for the profit of those employed at bringing the product and parts of the cow to market. The conditions in which a cow is forced to live and the treatment of them is nothing short of reprehensible. The slaughterhouse abattoirs are something out of a nightmare. Beef is big business and the men at the top have big influence in government so that now when someone tries to expose what goes on behind closed doors, it is a felony to attempt to secretly record these things. These things have been going on for a long time. Upton Sinclair wrote a powerful book about all of these doings called. “The Jungle.” That was awhile ago. It’s not just the cows. It’s bad for all livestock in the corporate zone. This is not about the other animals at the moment. It’s about the cows. If it weren’t for government supports, a hamburger would cost well over a hundred dollars.

In the East, in India, there is a whole other attitude and to the culturally conditioned westerner some of the practices and beliefs of the Indians are considered bizarre, if not insane. Western medicine kills more people than it cures. That is an established if unpublicized and much denied reality. In India they have an ancient system of healing called Ayur Veda. It is pretty impressive in its way and addresses causal concerns rather than symptomatic issues. Of course they have symptom cures as well …but that is not the essence of the science. Western allopathic medicine is largely symptomatic and very much a captive of the massively profitable AMA-Pharmaceutical Complex, where the West is being poisoned and its youths’ brains turned to mush. What will be the result of this? It is hard to say. The destiny of a given time is one thing and the inspired efforts of a handful quite another. The most important feature is the degree of power expressed through that handful who have found it possible to get out of the way. The world has always been positively transformed by a minority of souls, working for the spiritual education and edification of the majority. Lately what we see the most of is that minority that is working to the detriment of all. There are reasons for the appearance of this.

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