Departure from the Usual Presumption of what Passes for Reality

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There was an evening, a few years ago, during my six week break from material reality when an assemblage of Gods and sundry appeared on the back lawn of our house in Italy. The deity part of the equation was arranged in a row but they were all in shadow. Somehow I knew who each was but could not see them. I could feel them. To my left was a large cactus plant. As far as cactus plants go it was huge. It was the kind of plant that you get cactus pears off of. Standing at the far side of the plant was Vladimir Putin. He never said a word the whole time. Up on the patio, on the other side of some trees and similar was Satan and the Anti-Christ. I learned that evening that I had saved the Anti-Christ’s life centuries ago, at the loss of my own. He was of the opinion that he owed me. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for the Anti-Christ to consider himself in your debt. He had a terrible burn scaring on one side of his face. I can’t remember if that got discussed or not.

Satan looked a lot like the director Kevin Smith. He even had one of those black leather trenchcoats on. Lady Tara was among the deities in a row on the lawn. I think that was the last time I spoke with her until now. I can’t remember what got said. I know I extended my greetings and that I was incredibly pleased that she was there. I have been in love with her since I first encountered her and so it surprises me that I have been mostly unaware of her for years until now. I’m certain this was engineered.

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Reflections in a Petri Dish | Every Now and Then he Writes Something Useful, in Parts …Perhaps even Memorable.

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Various high level political appointees take their marching orders from the Satanic-Zionist-Banker financed cabal who put these particular individuals into these positions for that very reason. Here’s a good example of that kind of person, whom I am guessing probably vacations several times a year with John Podesta at various local day care centers, where they work to educate the young into the needs of the old and then everyone goes out for Human Body Parts Pizza (the kitchen sink edition).
“Homage! Tara, swift, heroic! With a glance like flashing
lightning, born from a blooming lotus sprung from the tears on
the face of the Lord of the World!”

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Hypocrisy is Riding Shotgun with Insanity in the Ford Pinto to Nowhere.

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As Materialism makes its irreversible decent into the black pit of ignominy, the level of superficial ignorance has lowered the limbo bar to the point where a canal has to be dug into the Earth so that the person doing the limbo can pass under it. It’s no longer possible in the ordinary fashion. Yes, the limbo bar has hit the ground. And riding shotgun with superficial ignorance in this Ford Pinto to nowhere is Hypocrisy. And what would a day at Life’s Creative Recycling Center be without a little quid pro quo… a little professional courtesy between Satanists? It’s a beautiful thing when like covers like in the Suicide Circle of Musical Chairs. What I’m thinking this Halloween is that I’m going to dress up as Leo Frank and carry a Styrofoam corpse around with me except… I don’t celebrate Halloween, never have. I tend to ignore it. Usually I would walk around dressed in whatever I usually wear and people would ask me, “who are you supposed to be?” I would reply; “I’m a serial killer, they look like everyone else.” Serial killers are another phenomena of Material Culture. Psychopathy is a direct product of Material Culture and most all serial killers are psychopaths. I’m guessing this is an example of logical progression.
Insanity, along with indefensible vanity (in the case of Celine Dion) are presently the rage as a fashion accessory. Word has it that Vogue is going to dig up Dr. Ruth and do a full color nude spread with her in the next edition. This is because necrophilia is the next big thing and this will become more evident when the apocalypse reveals that most people, these days, have been practicing necrophilia for some time. This reminds me of a joke. If you’re easily offended you can just skip this section and go to the next paragraph. Anyway, we’re on a French beach and this metro-sexual is walking along and he sees this nude woman rolling in the waves at the shoreline. He bends down and begins talking to her. This moves to an amount of stroking and that leads to… uh huh. Down the beach you see a small crowd running toward them with a gendarme in the lead. He comes up on them, breathing heavy from the exertion and says, “Alors, Alors Monsieur, can you not see this woman is dead?” The guy looks up and replies, “ah pardonez moi, I thought she was American.” heh heh. Hey! It’s just a joke and I know from personal experience that it also happens to be inaccurate. Some amount of levity is important.

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The Materially Insane on the Runaway Train to Krazy Town.


(I hate to go pedestrian in Visible Origami but certain events are taking place as certain trends are appearing and they signify dark portents for coming times. As was recently stated whatever happens in the world is of the world. Otherwise there is the ineffable and you MUST cast all your cares and concerns into his hands because the world is in Krazy Phase, being driven by the force of runaway Materialism. Step aside and let it go by. Do not jump onboard. That train is headed for Krazy Town.)
It is official. It is now official, Donald Trump is owned by the combination cabal of Organized Satanists and Israeli Dual Nationals. It could be no more clear than this. Here is a more clear picture of what is taking place. Meanwhile there are forces that have been at work for some time and the truth of this has been known to some for awhile.
The agents of the dark side and those who serve the light have many things in common, aside from the principal items such as intentions and objective. Both sides are dedicated and determined and have great faith in the force they serve. Both employ forms of prayer and ritual. I could go on but it’s not germane to today’s point.
Crazy is crazy and there are no barriers of social station, level of intelligence, economic standing… that can protect you from crazy; frankly… quite frankly, crazy can get in anywhere. Someone explain to me what difference it makes what the sexual designation of single use bathrooms is?

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We are the Beatable Foe to Subdue and Live the Possible Dream

e are the Beatable Foe to Subdue and Live the Possible Dream

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Greetings one and all and welcome to Visible Origami. We’d like to address a number of concerns that have come to mind in recent hours. As some amount of you know, there is a telepathic communication network that exists world wide. It is the medium used by certain dark forces to sway the minds of the unwary at a subliminal level. You might liken it to the strange urges that materialize in all of us now and again; “whoa! Where did that come from?” Being as this is an apocalypse and one of the greater of its kind that has been around in a long, long time, those who nestle in the shadows are well aware that a new broom is coming and that is the instrument of the Avatar. Think of the solar system as a very large house that has been around for awhile. Think about any house that hasn’t been cared for, that isn’t filled with industrious (possibly even anally retentive types) who scour and dust and clean because it is important to them. Imagine a house larger than any house you can imagine and you can imagine how there would be places that get overlooked over the course of centuries and longer.
The Avatar is coming with a new broom and duster and a vacuum with every possible attachment and he is going to sweep every corner clean and those resident in these locations, be they terrestrial, lower astral or inter-dimensional, know he’s on the way. That’s why they are trying to get their dirty work done now. Their time is limited.

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Reflections in a Petri Dish | Gimmie that Old time Holocaust that Makes the Cash Register Ring.


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You got to hand it to these guys, when it comes to total bullshit and the hubris to defend it, as if they had any right, they just don’t quit. Even though there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz, until ’49 when they stuck one in for cosmetic defense of their outrageous and indefensible Hollowcost lies, they did have a swimming pool, theater groups, a brothel and their own currency and the resident Tribe ran the place. Of course you won’t be interested in this unless the truth matters to you. Most people get intimidated by the screeching and howling of those using this fabrication to extort billions of dollars from any nation they can make vulnerable enough.
Once again, though I hate repeating myself, I will post the Red Cross document from the camps.This is getting harder and harder to find and now most all of the pages that come up are fatuous arguments about how the Red Cross documents don’t apply. I wonder how they are going to spin the numbers of their own almanac that shows the Jewish population increased during the war years? What isn’t known to most people, besides their efforts to create 6 million victims in World War 1 AND playing the victim card for centuries, is that this fabrication is very important as a cover for the tens of millions of Russians that they killed during the reign of Stalin when the Cheka was two thirds Jewish. There are many many links concerning this greatest holocaust in all of history.

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Smoking Mirrors | Coming upon a Bliss Drenched Wonderland of Serendipitous Discovery.

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In an age when Trivia is royalty, Science has become a theater of the absurd, a staging ground for the efforts of buffoons. Of course there is much worse than the example given. Ridiculous inquiry is a staple and hallmark of the times. In an age where integrity has turned into a handicap for advancement in this world, the predictable corruption of politicians is a given. This particular politician even looks like a cartoon character. In a time where lies are celebrated, it is no surprise that they are employed for the purpose of blackmail and material gain. I laugh out loud when I see something like that but it’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. In a time where meaning and morals have gone out the window, it is to be expected that people will seek escape wherever it can be found, no matter how destructive it may prove to be. Just like the CIA engineered crack epidemic in LA, you can be sure that at some point the government is involved, just as you can be sure that the increasingly heavy police presence has little to do with the reasons given, since those who employ the police are behind the majority of all terror activities. I have nothing against the police. I am opposed to deception, false flags and the incremental loss of liberty that becomes more elusive with every passing day. Of course, freedom is in the mind so… I don’t feel threatened because they can’t get into my head but they can get into the heads of many another passing by here and there.
You can drive yourself mad in an attempt to save the world and more often than not, be wrong in the methods you choose to apply to that end. The biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen have been social reformers. You can’t save the world. You can’t even save yourself. If you could there would be no need for the spiritual sun to send down a ray of its most intimate being, on a regular basis, to that end, for that very purpose. Paul said something along the lines of “We must work out the practical implications of our salvation because God Himself is working in our midst.” What I take from that is that if we are in service to the ineffable, we become like a light in the darkness of this world. That is the best we can accomplish, I think. I don’t know this but I suspect it is so. If we diminish ourselves and exalt the ineffable within and in everyone else, we will have come to the temple of wisdom and entered in.

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