Reflections in a Petri Dish | Hyena Shit, Spread like Peanut Butter over the Wonder Bread Awareness of the Sponge Bob Mind.

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There is of course, more than one world ‘out there’. One of the reasons is that there is more than one world ‘in there’. There are other reasons too but let’s just take if for granted, there is more than one external environment because all sorts of people, individually and in focus groups, in essence, do not agree with their own perceptions and certainly not with the perceptions of others. They are willing to agree that something is wrong but apparently there is no ongoing consensus on what that something is. That could be due to the something wrong being resident ‘in there’ and not ‘out there’. As any Visual Sight Specialist will tell you, you don’t really see the objects and settings you think you see outside of yourself, you see them inside your head, near the location that identifies and names what you think you see outside of you. It should be clear by now that there are all kinds of reasons for the confusions that runs rampant outside of and inside of us and we have listed only a few of them.

Another reason for the seeming confusion outside of us, is due to the people who fabricate the meaning and value of what we think we see outside of us. Here is good example of something meaningless except to the people (with an agenda) who created the imaginary importance of it.

Hyena Shit, Spread like Peanut Butter over the Wonder Bread Awareness of the Sponge Bob Mind.

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Visible Origami | Something Good is Coming Soon.

I was commenting at the last Petri Dish, something I try not to do very often at the blogs for various reasons and a film got mentioned and I… because I love the potential and power of film, went off on a tangent and recommended some films. It saddens me to see the power of this medium abused the way it is. There is so much potential but that is coming, if time and the vagaries of circumstance do not intrude. I want to talk today about the various mediums of art and their ability to inspire.

Some weeks ago I saw a film entitled, “The Same Kind of Different as Me.

I had a difficult childhood, to put it mildly. I would say I had no childhood at all except for those moments outside of the torment. I had to find escapes and that led me to music, literature, poetry, films and of course the imagination. Inspiration and the imagination have a deep relationship. Perhaps one should say, the potential is there if one chooses or is forced to engage it. It can even cause schizophrenia. As it did with me. It can extrapolate into multiple personalities. As it did with me. It could lead to all kinds of things, intended and unintended. As it did for me. Good can come out of it. As it did for me. That which is not good as well and that did for me as well.

See this film. It will help to put into perspective whatever you think you might have achieved. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of god.” “And all your righteousness is as filthy rags.” (Honey would you get me a tissue? Never mind, I’ll use my sleeve. That is why my shirts have them. Unless they are short sleeved and then you simply adjust your posture or wipe it on your skin- comic relief alert! Never mind, Mr. Too Little too Late.).

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Smoking Mirrors | Transmissions from Easter Sunday, April Fool’s Day- Gone but not Forgotten, Here.

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Here comes Easter, on April Fool’s Day. Now… That is interesting. Most people don’t care about Easter much anymore. It has about the same relevance to them as April Fool’s Day. Evil, like rust, never sleeps though and that is why you see these disturbing trends going on. As a prescient man once said, Edmund Burke, I believe… “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Thank god for Easter! Whether you are onboard or not (I am). Eternal vigilance is the province of the ineffable. It is the ineffable that makes it possible for us to be vigilant and when the world is overcome with disorder, the ineffable sends us someone like Jesus Christ.
Most people wander about indifferently or obsessed with unimportant things. It’s the job of the world to place these snares before us and it is the job of the ineffable to remove them. Of course, if you look deeper, it is the job of the ineffable to do both. The people, most of them, who run the alternative news gathering sites, for whatever the reason is, don’t like talk about the ineffable. Either they are stone cold atheists or vain egotists, or both. It comes with the territory. There’s a reason that the path is to the kingdom is a solitary one. You got to walk that road all by yourself but… you won’t be walking it alone. Whenever someone walks that path, someone who has already walked that path walks it with them. The same goes for the wide highway that leads to destruction. You got all kinds of people walking that way and the majority don’t know where they are going, or they wouldn’t be going. Right? Ese?

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Smoking Mirrors | Materialism and Satanism do the Death Tango on Facebook Live.

Where there’s smoke, there’s something generating it. That’s more precise than to say where there’s smoke there’s fire because there is not always fire where there is smoke. Once again, that and… everything else that is anything else somehow comes back to appearances; the way things look. If you can’t see behind appearances then they will control you. Either you are driving or… you are being driven. People are bound or they are free and in times of material darkness, they are far more likely to be the former.
The news of the day… those items at the top of the metaphorical and literal fold are all about the deep state- Satanic agenda that has to do with taking control of the cultural awareness and defining terminology of sex. Those engaged in morphing the public’s awareness know that they have to introduce it into prepubescence. I could put pages and pages into active links here but you have seen these so often here and I would rather not give example after example of what I have already given example after example of.
Let’s establish that the news, the media, the entertainment business, the corporate structure that makes the commercials that now feature a serious overemphasis on racially mixed couples and an outright pandering to sexual hot button issues. The whole of the business of business interests interacting with public attention is propaganda and subconscious programming. The elevation of rap and the fixed devotion toward bling and the perversion of the feminine archetype is deliberately intentional. The sexualization of prepubescent children is intentional. None of this is by accident. Something happened in the 80’s and the whole, formerly quiescent, ticking time bomb, went from nascent to nova. Oh… it’s been in the works for a long time, if you’ve read any Albert Pike …but there were necessary stages that had to be gone through first. Certain systems that were based on integrity and trust, such as the Masons and other quasi secret organizations had to be subverted and that required an increase in material darkness. Long standing institutions like the church and state needed to be compromised and achieve a sold out status. Of course, the church and the government experiences that come and go had embraced perversity early on but their dark doings and things going bump in the sacristy needed to be publicly exposed in various ways like the pedophile priests and the material excess of the evangelists with their gold plated bathroom fixtures and private planes.

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Visible Origami | On Seas of Love Toward Islands of Light where Eternity Resides.

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Life appears to go on and on. Certain periods seem to stretch on forever, then it was but a moment and it is gone, like an echo fading. They say that no sound ever stops resounding. Of course, ‘they’ say a lot of things. ‘They’ are of the mind that if they simply keep repeating something over and over it will become true and… since perception is the ground central of ‘shared reality’, you wind up with a whole lot of people marching into the desert after an ignis fatuus, who hammer on their cellphones and record it on their cellphones and then, when they go to play it back, there is nothing there. There was never anything there and it is the origin of the hungry ghost.
Few things can match the bright expectation of youth inflamed with the passion for and the promise of things yet to come. Age sneaks up on you. No one ever seems to mention how that happens and what it means when it does happen. In this shifting dysfunction of the ever renewing Pepsi Generation, it’s a rite of passage bonding, to ridicule the aging, never realizing that you will be there sooner than you think and the Pepsi will have gone flat and all the eager beaver volley ball goddesses will be looking down into their blouses and saying, “Look what mean old Mister Nature did.” The volley ball gods will have a volley ball secreted beneath their ‘I’m with stupid t-shirt’ and get nailed by the security guard at the Sport’s Authority register for trying to steal a volley ball. Right… Sports Authority is out of business.

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Reflections in a Petri Dish The Rosetta Stone Cellphone had been Set to Vibrate.

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Ah… my goodness… three weeks and counting; tap… tap… (sigh) all over again… haven’t been able to write, well… yeah I could write, I just didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t down. I wasn’t up. I was sideways with a bullet. I was flotsam in the doldrums of the Horse Latitudes, down there in the sacral plexus of the tailbone of the year. Maybe it was some kind of a refresher course, a rebooting of the system, a metaphysical colon cleanse. I don’t know what it is or was. I had written something. I’ve no desire to go back and see what it contained; moving right along. I had heard from literally no one for a few weeks and I thought that was fitting. Then in the last week I am hearing from people all over. In some ways it seems as if everyone was in some form of where I was.

I have been clinically depressed through my whole life. I tried anti-depressants. I tried the drugs that actually work, meaning they are most likely illegal and they did work but the shadow of Kafka is always lurking in the underbrush. Now my doctor has put me on a new anti and before everyone goes off on me, this is a new kind of Isomer and seems to be user friendly… so far. I don’t suffer from the depression the way most people do. I have my art and my outlets and I must say… my life was often worse than any depression so that was all to the good (grin).

I don’t want to get into some exhaustive soliloquy here. Whenever I think my life isn’t going as I would have liked it to, or has been a disappointment, given all the doors that have been closed to me, I don’t have to consider the matter for very long before I become aware of the awful suffering of so many others and for whom it is a daily affair. I got nothing to cry about. I still consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world. I have the ineffable and regardless of how little I understand all the workings at work, I get that indwelling presence thing and cannot imagine anything as profound and beautiful as that is. There is a fullness, a completeness and a totality of being that is the perfect example of what a gestalt is supposed to be. It’s one of those states of existence that nothing harmful or diminishing can touch.

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