Is The “Israel Lobby” Losing Its Grip?

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In an perceptive piece for The American Conservative under the headline OBAMA’S ISRAEL TEST, Scott McConnell asked, “Is the lobby losing its grip?” It seems so, but I think it’s important to understand the choice that will exist for the Jews of the world, and Jewish Americans especially, if American politicians (many if not all) and the mainstream media do stop being frightened of offending the lobby.

But first things first. The lobby in question is not what McConnell and others including Mearsheimer and Walt state it to be. It’s not “the Israel lobby”. It could only be called that if it represented the views of all Israeli Jews. It does not do so any more than AIPAC represents the views of all Jewish Americans. (According to recent polls, AIPAC probably speaks for not more than one-third of all Jewish Americans and possibly considerably less).

A more accurate (but not completely accurate) description of the particular phenomenon is “Likud lobby”, terminology which conveys the correct impression that the lobby is rightwing and very hardline, even extreme, and opposed to peace on any terms the vast majority of Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept.


Dual US / Israeli Citizens Running American Government

Many people read articles against Zionism and inaccurately consider it against Jewish people. Zionists are an elite group, aligned with one world government agendas, who even treat other Jewish people who are not elite as inferior.

If your only understanding of Zionism (which is not Judaism) comes from the mainstream media this sounds off, but that’s because they are a propaganda machine. I invite you, as always, to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Source: Viewzone
by Dan Eden

Dual Citizenship — Loyal to Whom?

American / Isreali Dual Citizens Running the American Government

Attorney General – Michael Mukasey
Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff
Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle
Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul Wolfowitz
Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith
National Security Council Advisor – Elliott Abrams
Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) – “Scooter” Libby
White House Deputy Chief of Staff – Joshua Bolten
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – Marc Grossman
Director of Policy Planning at the State Department – Richard Haass
U.S. Trade Representative (Cabinet-level Position) – Robert Zoellick
Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – James Schlesinger
UN Representative (Former) – John Bolton
Under Secretary for Arms Control – David Wurmser
Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Eliot Cohen
Senior Advisor to the President – Steve Goldsmith
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Christopher Gersten
Assistant Secretary of State – Lincoln Bloomfield
Deputy Assistant to the President – Jay Lefkowitz
White House Political Director – Ken Melman
National Security Study Group – Edward Luttwak
Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Kenneth Adelman
Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) – Lawrence (Larry) Franklin
National Security Council Advisor – Robert Satloff
President Export-Import Bank U.S. – Mel Sembler
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families – Christopher Gersten
Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs – Mark Weinberger
White House Speechwriter – David Frum
White House Spokesman (Former) – Ari Fleischer
Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Henry Kissinger
Deputy Secretary of Commerce – Samuel Bodman
Under Secretary of State for Management – Bonnie Cohen
Director of Foreign Service Institute – Ruth Davis

…If you think we’re being unfair here, ask yourself: How you would react to the Head of Homeland Security if he or she were a dual national with citizenship in Iran, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia? Ask yourself why you don’t feel the same about Israeli dual citizenship. Then you will understand how powerful the Israeli lobby has been in “adjusting” your acceptance of their special status.

…Unless we are Native American Indians, all Americans have their origins in some other country. Both of my parents were from England. They were proud to be “British” but they were most proud of achieving their American citizenship. Sure, we had pictures of the Queen and nick-nacks with the Union Jack on them. My mother even celebrated the traditional 4 o’clock tea time and was good at making Yorkshire Pudding. In the late 60’s my older brother served in the US Army and did his tour in Viet Nam. When it came down to “allegiance,” we were all patriotic Americans. Period.

The word “allegiance” means that we promise loyalty. It also carries with it the expectation that this loyalty will be exclusive and unrestrained. In the case of a declared war or real threat or conflict, for example, our allegiance to America should preclude any other interest, be it another country or political ideology.

When they took their oath to become American citizens, my parents had to pledge their “allegiance” exclusively to America and renounce their allegiance to “any and all foreign governments.” That included Great Britain, one of our strongest allies.

Before Viewzone asked me to research the meaning of “dual citizenship,” I had never heard of the term. How could someone be a citizen of two countries at the same time? But I was just ignorant. Dual nationalities and citizenships are quite common.

From my internet research, I learned that in 1997, a French Canadian with a U.S. passport ran for mayor of Plattsburgh, N.Y. He argued that the incumbent spoke French too poorly to be running a city so close to Quebec. He lost. Also in 1997, a retired top American official for the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) ran for president of Lithuania. He was inaugurated in February to a burst of fireworks!

In 1996, Dominicans from New York not only could vote in the Dominican Republic’s presidential elections for the first time, they could vote for a fellow New Yorker. Multiple nationalities have become so commonplace that some analysts fear the trend is undermining the notion of nationhood, particularly in the place with the most diverse citizenry on Earth: the United States.

Debate over the issue intensified in the late 1990s, when Mexico joined the growing list of poor nations that say it’s OK for their nationals to be citizens of the countries to which they have migrated. Under the law that took effect in 1998 Mexicans abroad — most of them in the United States — will be able to retain Mexican citizenship even if they seek U.S. citizenship. And naturalized Americans of Mexican descent will be able to reclaim their original citizenship. The Mexican government stopped short, for now, of giving expatriates the right to vote.

Security Issues

Since citizenship carries with it a responsibility to be exclusively loyal to one country, the whole concept of dual citizenship and nationality raises questions about which of the dual citizenships have priority. This is extremely important when the two countries have opposing interests. It can be a deadly problem when a dual citizen is in a high position within our American government.

Can one imagine a Japanese citizen serving in the Pentagon during WWII? Or how about a citizen of the Soviet Union holding a cabinet position in the White House during the Cold War?

Today’s conflicts are centered in the Middle East. America needs to balance foreign policies towards oil producing Arab nations with our goal being peace and stability in the region. This places a burden on our government to be even-handed in our dealings with the Arab world and Israel. While the Iraq War was waged on lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction and revenge for 911, the real reason has emerged as a well designed global plan to improve the power and leverage of Israel.

Added to this policy is yet another potential blow to American interests and security — the impending War with Iran. This war will be waged for the security of Israel and will be paid for by the blood of American soldiers and the hard-earned money of American citizens whose quality of life is inversely tied to the cost of petroleum.

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Modern Holocaust – Modern Methods

Source: Desert Peace

Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

The nazis had a rough time conducting their holocaust; first they had to round up the Jews, the Gypsies, The Communists, the Trade Unionists, the Gays, and anyone else that ‘posed a threat’ to their regime.Then they had to transport these millions of people to either forced labour camps or death camps.
Afterwards there were mass burials or cremation of the victims…
Newer methods are used today by the zionists. Those on the list for extermination are already locked up in one or more specific area, no rounding up necessary.
There is no distinction among the victims, they are ALL PALESTINIANS. The victims are left to rot in the streets where they were massacred, no mass burials or ovens to ‘hide the evidence’.
The methods and weapons used today to eliminate the victims are prohibited by the Geneva Convention, but that has no bearing on the zionists who are above any International Laws as was demonstrated by their use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon two summers ago.
The report below describes these new weapons and what their effects are on the victims…. and Bush continues to search for WMD’s in Iraq? Here they are, right here in Israel WHERE HE PUT THEM!

Is Israel using prohibited ‘thermobarbaric’ weapons in its holocaust?

Stuart Littlewood

Marine Corps corporal: “Six rounds in three seconds… I thought this thing was sick.”

Russian made RPO-A: 2.1 kg thermobaric weapon.
Russian made RPO-A: 2.1 kg thermobaric weapon. Image Credit: B. Harry.

BBSNews 2008-03-05 — By Stuart Littlewood. Not content with their massive blood-letting and maiming mission last weekend, the Israelis couldn’t resist nipping back into Gaza last night for more of the same.

Not that the British government seems to give a damn about the murder and mayhem being visited on the Gazans. Our foreign secretary David Miliband said: “I condemn the rocket attacks against Israel. These are terrorist acts. They should be seen for what they are – an attempt to break the political process by breaking the will of those committed to peace.”

No condemnation of Israel’s terrorist acts, then. No acknowledgement that any political process involving unrepresentative placemen like Abbas and Fayyad is doomed. No recognition that the prospect of peace has already been scuppered by the acceleration of Israel’s land-grab and illegal settlement programme.

And the dear boy still seems utterly oblivious to the inevitable… that someone, sooner or later, will have to talk with Hamas. Good manners require it, even if good sense is lacking.

Anyway who is this Miliband person, somebody asked me. And does he write his own speeches or are the words supplied by some Zionist scribbler on loan from the White House?

Well I have no idea. Miliband just popped out of Labour’s ‘bright young things’ cupboard one day and suddenly became foreign secretary with no qualifications for the job whatsoever, a folly compounded by harnessing him with former chairman of Labour Friends of Israel and the minister for the Middle East, Dr Kim Howells.

Miliband told the Daily Mail “categorically” that he didn’t believe in God. Maybe that explains why he voted for the war in Iraq.

So can we take it that he also doesn’t give a damn about thermobaric weapons and whether his US and Israeli chums are using them against civilians? The question arises because I have just received from Gaza’s Ministry of Health a report into the effects of prohibited weapons Israel is suspected of using.

In July 2006 doctors in Lebanon and Gaza were saying: “We never saw before wounds and corpses like those that arrive in the ward… what are these new weapons that cause such wounding and horrible deaths?” The large majority of victims in both locations were women, children and elders caught in Israeli attacks in the street, in the market place and at home.

Thermobaric bombs and grenades leave no visible wound

What they saw led doctors to believe that a new generation of weapons was being used in both territories. For example, in Sidon 8 victims (3 children, 4 men and one woman) were described thus: “One might think they were burnt, but they are not, only their color is dark, they’re inflated, and they have a terrible smell. The hair is not burnt nor the bodies wounded”. Due to the strong smell of the corpses, the medical director said he couldn’t breath properly for at least 12 hours after they were handled.

The report stated: “Common features of all the victim’s bodies were lack of main wounds… All victims had serious internal edema and hemorrhage with loss of blood from all body orifices. All the bodies were covered of dark powder so to look black, but were not burnt. Clothes and hair were not damaged or burnt.”

Samples from the skin of six corpses were analyzed for histology in two independent laboratories. The results revealed no altered elements in the skin and derma and no sign of burns. All samples showed particles of dark color covering the skin, histologically staining for iron.

Electron microscope scans showed the presence of phosphorous, iron and magnesium at below the normal level of detection. Analysis of the dark refractive material layered over the skin of one victim showed it contained mainly carbon and oxygen, and lesser amounts of iron, silicon and calcium. Some of these elements are used in particle form as fuel additives to boost the blast of thermobaric bombs or grenades.

Thermobaric, or fuel-air energy (FAE), explosives work in two stages. The shell, or container, is burst open to spread the combusting agent as a fine aerosol, then this is ignited, creating an overpressure blast wave traveling at 3000 metres per second, and burning all available oxygen in the process.

The GlobalSecurity website describes the effect of a thermobaric bomb: “Those near the ignition point are obliterated. Those at the fringe are likely to suffer many internal, and thus invisible injuries, including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness. The destruction, death, and injury are caused by the blast wave.”

Enhanced performance is achieved by adding excess metals to the explosive composition, aluminum and magnesium being the metals of choice.

A report on the Defense Technology website says that instead of shrapnel/fragment injuries a thermobaric device produces blast effects. “Each tissue type, when interacting with the blast wave, is compressed, stretched, sheared or disintegrated by overload according to its material properties. Internal organs that contain air (sinuses, ears, lungs and intestines) are particularly vulnerable to blast.”

“Six rounds in three seconds… I thought this thing was sick.”

The US uses dinky 40mm thermobaric grenades developed for the war against ‘terror’ in Afghanistan. Is it too big a stretch of the imagination to suppose they are being supplied for use in places like Gaza? These little beauties produce “a thermobaric overpressure blast rather than fragmentation. As a result of the thermobaric reaction, all enemy personnel within the effective radius will suffer lethal effects as opposed to the conventional fragmentation round.”

The grenades look like cannon shells and are fired from a lumpy, aggressive looking shoulder weapon with a multi-chambered revolving cylinder. “You can put six rounds on target in under three seconds,” one Marine Corps corporal said. “I thought this thing was sick.” Just the job, then, for eliminating Qassam rocketeers and their families and friends and anyone else who happens to get in the way….

In the victim cases examined, the weapon used left no traces visible to the naked eye or detectable by instruments commonly used in hospitals and emergency wards. This makes it all the more difficult to provide proper care for the wounded. “These weapons do not leave fragments on/in the victims’ bodies and this fact already puts them outside established conventions of war, regardless of whether they are used against military or civilians,” say the doctors.

According to Geneva Conventions (Protocol on Non-Detectable Fragments), “it is prohibited to use any weapon the primary effect of which is to injure by fragments which in the human body escape detection by X-rays.”

Of course none of this is news to the arms industry. But it’s time the public – who pay for the development of such weapons and could one day find themselves on the wrong end – knew more about it.

Thankfully, here in Britain we seem to be a bit queasier about prohibited weaponry than our thermobarbaric allies. Rumour has it that our enlightened government has opted for ‘enhanced blast explosives technology’, which is designed to fully comply with international humanitarian law. How thoughtful. Let’s hope women, children and old folk on the receiving end appreciate the difference.

I suppose this is as near as Britain gets these days to taking a moral lead.


Stuart Littlewood Stuart Littlewood is a business consultant turned writer and photographer living in England. He is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For details please visit

Distorting anti-Semitism

Source: Desert Peace

Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is one of the most famous children’s stories of our time. It has taken on a new meaning these days with the likes of the Foxmans and others connected to various AIPAC affiliated organisations… they don’t cry ‘wolf’, they cry anti Semitism.

Just as the wolf wasn’t there until the end of the story, neither are the anti Semites. Those that criticise or condemn the genocidal policies of the State of Israel are not anti Semites. Those that speak out against apartheid and the building of a wall to separate Arab from Jew in Israel are not anti Semites. Neither are those that demand an end to the siege of Gaza. All of these people are humanists, good people speaking out against something evil. Where is the anti Semitism?

The term has been used and abused by the zionists for over 60 years to the point of ridiculous. Proof of this is the fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews speak out against these atrocities, as well as millions of Arabs, who also just happen to be Semites.

Rather than get Israel to abandon the aforementioned practices, they defend them with the label of anti Semite, a sign of the bankruptness of those polices. There is no way to justify murder, there is no way to justify the occupation of one nation by another, and surely there is no way to justify zionism today. As was the case in the ‘wolf story’, he did appear for real at the end and no one believed the little boy, the same might happen to the zionists one day and no one will be there to protect them.

Khalid Amayreh just wrote the following brilliant essay on this subject… it’s a must read.

Distorting anti-Semitism


By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

25 February, 2008


Zionist apologists and hasbara doctors have been trying of late to convince the European public opinion that opposition to Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinian people amounts, more or less, to a new form of anti-Semitism.



This week, the Israeli foreign ministry, in cooperation with Zionist circles in North America, announced the creation of the so-called “International Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism.”



“We’re witnessing a new, global, virulent and even lethal anti-Semitism without parallel or precedent since World War II,” said Canadian MP Irwin Colter, one of the organizer. “It is not only essential to sound the alarm, but it’s time to act.”



However, from reading in between the lines, it becomes amply clear that the real target these Zionist supremacists have in mind is not the morbid hatred of Jews for being Jews, otherwise known as anti-Semitism. It is rather the growing global awareness of and opposition to Israeli apartheid, criminality and genocidal policies being pursued in the occupied Palestinian territories.



In fact, it is not anti-Jewish racism that these liars are really seeking to fight; it is rather anti-Palestinian Israeli racism that they are trying to defend and protect. Racists, after all, are qualified to combat racism as much as pyromaniacs are qualified to fight fires.



Today, Israel, more than any other country on earth, is the number-1 generator, inducer and encourager of anti-Semitism.



Israel calls itself “the Jewish state” and claims to represent the Jews of the world. And as such, Israel’s Nazi-like actions and behaviors are bound to boomerang in one way or the other.



In the years following its misbegotten creation, Israel sought largely successfully to induce hatred for Jews in their respective places of residence in order to get them to fulfill Zionism and emigrate to a land made unholy by decades of lies, oppression and murder.



Now, Zionism is trying intimidate Europeans, especially European states, into endorsing Israeli Nazism, or at least playing deaf and dumb and looking the other way while generations of helpless Palestinians are murdered on a daily basis as the entire future of the Palestinian people is being decapitated in full view of the entire humanity.



In so doing, Israel and its hasbara mouthpieces is actually seriously cheapening anti-Semitism and helping, knowingly or unknowingly, the true haters of Jews.



True anti-Semites used to be those who hated Jews for being Jews. Today, the rabid dogs of Zionism would want us to believe that anti-Semites are also those who speak up in defense of human rights in Palestine, people, like Christian peace activists in Hebron, who escort terrified Palestinian kids to their schools, lest they be attacked by a ghoulish breed of Zionist Jews called “hilltop settlers.”



Well, who do these depraved Zionists think they are any way? Do they think they have a license from the Almighty to murder, lie, and steal, and when people speak up against these evils, all they have to do to stop them is to shout anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!



It is therefore imperative that all men and women of conscience, including thousands of honest Jews whose devotion to justice and morality always comes first, make clear to Israel and her tribal supporters that anti-Semitism will no longer be allowed to be used to justify genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine.



In the final analysis, we should be living in a moral universe, and if rejecting Israeli crimes in Palestine is anti-Semitism, which of course isn’t , then this proverbial “anti-Semitism should itself become a moral obligation of the highest order upon all conscientious men and women around the world.



It may well be true that there are those who utilize legitimate criticisms of Israel to promote real anti-Semitism. But who is to blame for this outcome? The Palestinians, the victims of Zionist racism, or the child-killers in Gaza and the West Bank who want the world to atone for one holocaust by allowing and enabling Israel to obliterate an entire people, the Palestinians, just as the Nazis had wanted to obliterate another entire people, the Jews, more than six decades ago.



But, likewise, is it not also true that “anti-Semitism” is often utilized to the fullest by many Zionist Jews to silence legitimate criticisms of this evil state that murders, lies and steals and then claims to be the only true democracy in the Middle East and a light upon the nations.



Some Zionist propagandists, who lie as often as they breathe, are also trying to make analogies between classical European anti-Semitism and the so-called Islamic anti-Semitism.



This is a cardinal lie as many honest Jews would readily admit. Muslims don’t hate Jews for being Jews. And Judaism enjoys a clear historical and religious legitimacy in Islam.



In fact, the Quran, Islam’s holy book, challenges Jews to live up to the sublime teachings of justice and morality that the Israelite prophets preached.



In recent history however, Zionism nearly succeeded in alienating hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world who share with Jews many fundamental beliefs, including the belief in the oneness of God and the centrality of justice and morality to human behavior.



Moreover, many Zionists Jews these days, especially in North America, are making strange bed-fellow with Pseudo-Christian lunatics who claim that Muslims have no souls and ought to be wiped off from the face of earth.



So, how does Zionism expect Muslims to react to this venomous enmity? Can Muslims, or indeed the rest of decent human beings, give Israel the benefit of the doubt under these circumstances?



To be sure, real anti-Semitism, along with Islamophobia and other forms of racism, should be rejected and fought relentlessly.



However, Israel and Zionism can’t create and consolidate the “cause” and then complain vociferously about the “effect.”



Besides, the time when Zionism could easily manipulate and blackmail the collective conscience of humanity is over for good.

The Zionist Protection Racket


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

A “protection racket” is a scam where an aggressor instigates an attack, blames a bogeyman, and then offers to protect the victim from this bogeyman in return for money and power.

The “War on Terror” is a protection racket. The aggressor is the world financial elite known as the “Crown” based in the City of London. Their instrument is the Zionist project, specifically the Mossad and its US allies.

The victim is the people of the United States and the West in general. The goal is the overthrow of Western Civilization, and the establishment of a world police state called the “New World Order.”

“Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan,” said leading American Zionist Louis Marshall, counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb in 1917. “It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon.”

The head of the Department of Homeland Security is Israeli dual citizen and Zionist Michael Chertoff. He was the New Jersey State Attorney when five Mossad agents were arrested after witnesses saw them congratulating themselves on the destruction of the World Trade Center. Their van tested positive for explosives. (See Chris Bollyn article below.) Speculators who shorted airline stocks before 9-11 have been identified as Israelis apparently.
The Jewish elite regards the Jewish rank-and-file as pawns to be manipulated. “Anti Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren,” says the author of Protocols of the Elders of Zion (9-2) a “forgery” that reads like the blueprint of the New World Order.

Jews had to be terrorized into setting up Israel as a “national home,” i.e. colonizing the Middle East and creating a centre of world government. World Finance funded the Nazis. Zionists actively collaborated with them. See “The Holocaust as Mental Paradigm.” See also “Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews”

Zionist betrayal is the reason Jews went passively to their deaths, says Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld in his book “Holocaust Victims Accuse.” Non-Zionist Jews were worth more dead than alive to the Zionist leadership who, Shonfeld says, reaped the moral and financial capital from their “sacrifice.” See my “Zionism: Compulsory Suicide for Jews.”

The Jewish elite has a long history of manipulating Jews in this manner. For example, in 1950 a wave of anti Semitism and terrorism in Iraq made Naeim Giladi, 21, join the Zionist underground. Giladi was imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death by Iraqi authorities.

He escaped and fled to Israel only to discover that the anti Semitism and bombings had been engineered by his fellow Zionists to dupe Iraqi Jews into going to Israel. An ancient community was deprived of its wealth and reduced to second-class citizen status in Israel, replacing Palestinian labor. See my “Zionists Double Crossed Iraqi Jews”

Israel provoked attacks from its neighbours in order to “retain its moral tension” according to the secret diary of Prime Minister Moshe Sharett. The state must “invent dangers” to start war and thereby “acquire our space,”
he wrote. See “The Zionist Roots of the War on Terror.”
A pogrom like 9-11 was designed to stampede Americans into forfeiting their civil rights and invading the Middle East.

There is a drumbeat in the media to convince Americans that they are victims of Muslim fanatics. This propaganda campaign is carried out by Neo Cons (a.k.a. Zionists.) In an otherwise disappointing new book, “The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America,” Michael Collins Piper writes:

“In the build-up to the Iraq war, Zionist propagandists and the media increasingly began touting the message to Americans that “the whole world is against us”… and the Israelis are our only real solid dependable ally …The theme that anti Americanism had run rampant was instilled in Americans for the very purpose of making them “anti” everyone who refused to support the…Iraq war…and the more broad ranging Zionist agenda.” (157)

Sound familiar? This is the tactic they use on Jews. See my “How Jews are Brainwashed and Manipulated.”

Piper says that Zionism is being equated with Americanism. Zionist agents like Nathan Sharansky crafted the overblown and specious rhetoric of Bush’s second inaugural speech that committed the US to advancing the Zionist agenda using force.

History provides a sobering warning as to where this could be leading. In his essay, The Nature of Zionism, Russian author Vladimir Stepin writes,

“During the civil war in Russia, the Zionists also performed another task. Using some units of the Red Army – Trotsky was the chairman of the country’s Revolutionary Military Council – they organized the Jewish pogrom in Seversk.

The result of this was the “Law on Those Involved in Pogroms” of 27 July 1918. In accordance with this law, a monstrous Zionist terror raged in Russia for ten years: a person accused of anti-Semitism was, without any argument being allowed, declared to be involved in pogroms and placed against the wall to be shot.

Not only anti-Zionists, but the best representatives of the intelligentsia of Russia, could be accused of being anti-Semitic, and so too could anyone one felt like accusing of it. People saw who was exercising power in Russia and expressed their discontent with it. 90% of the members of the Cheka – the Soviet security organ, 1918-1922 – were Zionists.

Apart from the law on those involved in pogroms, the Zionists practised genocide against the ethnic groups inhabiting Russia, and they did so by accusing people of counter-revolutionary activities, sabotage, and so on, irrespective of whether or not the people in question really had conducted such activities. It was standard practice merely to put them against the wall to be shot.”

My hunch is that the world financial elite, using Masonic secret societies and intelligence agencies, is responsible for 90% of terrorism. The purpose is to manipulate people into advancing the goals of the New World Order, which includes destroying true religion, nation states, democracy, race and family.

They are running a protection racket. They are empowered to protect us from this “terror.” Zionists or Americans who carry out their agenda could end up holding the bag if something goes wrong, or as I should say right.

Remember they are challenging the greatest power in the universe: God, or Truth as witnessed in the souls of all human beings. They are most vulnerable now on the 9-11 attack which they perpetrated. If we rise up as one to demand the truth about this atrocity, their obscene criminal enterprise will start to unravel.